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Beware These New Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Attacks

Admins, take note: Hackers are increasingly targeting Office 365 with new and more sophisticated phishing schemes. Here's a snapshot of the most common methods.

How To Copy Files from a Host Server to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Brien walks you through one of Hyper-V's best features: its ability to copy a file directly from a host server to a virtual machine without leveraging the network stack.

How To Remove the Windows 10 Action Center

Microsoft meant well with Windows 10's Action Center, but the constant pop-up notifications are often more annoying than helpful. Here's how to get rid of them.

Top 4 Overlooked Features of a Data Backup Strategy

When it comes to implementing an airtight backup-and-recovery plan, these are the four must-have features that many enterprises nevertheless tend to forget.

Inking Gains Traction in Office 365

From PowerPoint to Excel, Microsoft is beefing up its support for digital inking across its Office 365 apps. Here's a snapshot of upcoming features.

What Does Office 365 Support for New Surface Hardware Actually Mean?

Microsoft has spilled a lot of ink touting the ways that its new Surface-branded peripherals will be bring Office 365 features to life.

The Future of Office 365 Pricing

With a raft of new Office 365 features in the pipeline, Microsoft also seems ready to change the way it bills its subscribers. Will it replicate Azure's pay-per-use model, or will it look like something else entirely?

What Happens When You Use a Virtual Reality Headset in Space?

And now for something (almost) completely different, Brien sees how well a HoloLens-like headset weathers the unique conditions of a zero gravity flight.

For Nadella, the Ignite 2019 Keynote was Business (Almost) as Usual

In many ways, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivered a very typical Ignite opening keynote -- with a few notable exceptions.

Configuring a Shared Virtual Hard Disk in Hyper-V

Creating a shared virtual hard disk is a relatively easy process. Brien walks you through it.

How To Perform Conditional Logic in PowerShell

While you wait for PowerShell to add support for ternary operators, here's a method you can use now to evaluate Boolean conditions without the need to write If – Then – Else statements.

How To Use PowerShell Like a Spreadsheet

Instead of viewing data in a static list, use PowerShell's grid view capability to manipulate how your data is displayed.

How To Ransomware-Proof Your Backups: 4 Key Best Practices

Backups are the only guaranteed way to save your data after a ransomware attack. Here's how to make sure your backup strategy has ransomware mitigation built right in.

Microsoft Helps Office Users Cope with Unfamiliar Acronyms

A new AI-powered feature in Office scans your e-mails and documents to help you tell one "SaaS" apart from another.

Better E-Mail Management with Outlook's Insights Feature

How a new capability is succeeding where Cortana failed at taming the Outlook beast.

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