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    Microsoft Previews Compliance Manager Tool for GDPR and Standards Assessments

    Microsoft today released a preview of Compliance Manager, a new dashboard tool designed to show the regulatory compliance status of Microsoft's controls for its solutions, as well as the status of the controls used in customer environments. 11/16/2017

  • Microsoft Previews New VS Live Share for Real-Time Collaboration

    Visual Studio Live Share will let dev teams interactively share code to edit and debug, troubleshoot, iterate or optimize apps, along with other tools previewed. 11/16/2017

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    Bash in Azure Cloud Shell Now Commercially Available

    Azure Cloud Shell now supports the Linux-based Bash command-line interface (CLI), Microsoft announced this week. 11/16/2017

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    15 DevOp Tips from Microsoft's Buck Hodges

    Microsoft outlined what it leaned with VSTS and provided some DevOp tips and tricks to the audience at this year's Live! 360. 11/16/2017

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    Microsoft Intune Can Now Tap Google Play Protect for Android Devices

    The Microsoft Intune mobile management service can now include security protections for Android devices enabled by Google Play Protect services. 11/15/2017

  • Microsoft Extends Analytics Platform Portfolio with Databricks Spark Service in Azure

    Apache Spark creator Databricks and Microsoft have joined together to build a streaming analytics platform for machine learning, AI and geodistributed graph processing. 11/15/2017

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    Microsoft Hits the Refresh Button

    A refreshed technology portfolio and roadmap revealed at Ignite suggests Satya Nadella's hybrid cloud, modern workspace management and intelligent communications vision is blooming. 11/15/2017

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    Live! 360: Microsoft Focused on Simplifying BI for Business Users

    When looking at Microsoft's recent enhancements to business intelligence platforms, database administrators may scratch their heads that user interfaces look like they're getting dumbed down. 11/15/2017

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    Microsoft Adds macOS Conditional Access Support in Azure Active Directory

    Azure Active Directory now supports the setting of macOS device conditional access policies using Microsoft Intune, Microsoft announced on Tuesday. 11/14/2017

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    Microsoft Extends Windows 10 Version 1511 Support for Enterprise and Education Users

    Microsoft today announced that it has extended the support time available for users of the Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10 version 1511 by about six months. 11/14/2017

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    Microsoft Previews New Skype Professional Account Service

    Microsoft announced a preview of Skype Professional Account this week, which adds scheduling and billing tools for Skype consumer service users who leverage it for small business purposes. 11/14/2017

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    Microsoft Previews Azure ExpressRoute Monitoring

    Microsoft announced a preview of a new Azure ExpressRoute monitoring capability last week. 11/13/2017

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    Azure Active Directory and Sync Use Profiled by Microsoft

    Microsoft today offered a snapshot of its Azure Active Directory service and how organizations are using it, based on October stats. 11/13/2017

  • Cloud Foundry Rising as Runtime for App Portability

    A survey by the Cloud Foundry Foundation shows adoption is still early but has accelerated this year, among those who are embracing it because of its promise to provide portability across multiple clouds. 11/13/2017

  • In-Depth

    Microsoft's Cloud Foundry Efforts on Azure

    Many large enterprises are modernizing their businesses with Cloud Foundry, a PaaS environment that's become popular for DevOps, multi-platform runtimes, back-end services and multi-cloud configurations. Here's how it works. 11/13/2017

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