Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices Now Have Preview Support for Physical Whiteboards

A Microsoft Teams Rooms update now lets organizations use images of physical whiteboards as a dynamic space for videoconferencing communications, although it's at the preview stage and may require having a new camera.

Microsoft Warns of Possible August Update Troubles for Some Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 Users

Microsoft warned this week in a Twitter post that its August security updates won't install for users of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 if those operating system lack certain March updates.

Azure Ultra Disk Storage Service Now Generally Available in Some Regions

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it now offers the Azure Ultra Disk solid-state drive (SSD) storage service commercially, or at the "general availability" stage, in a few Azure regions.

Microsoft's August Security Patches Address New RDP Vulnerabilities

Microsoft's August security updates address about 93 common vulnerabilities and exposures, several of which are associated with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Microsoft Warns That Attackers Have Access to BlueKeep Exploit Code

Microsoft indicated recently that "BlueKeep" exploit code for Windows systems is now "widely available" for use by attackers.

IT Lab Group Now Offers Support for the Microsoft Managed Desktop Service

London-based IT Lab Group announced late last month that it's now an authorized partner for the Microsoft Managed Desktop service.

Boom Times for Machine Learning, Despite Obstacles

Concerns about ethics and security aside, spending around machine learning is poised to grow sharply over the next five years.

Microsoft Previews Azure Dedicated Host Service for Single-Tenant Users

Microsoft has announced a preview of a new service that gives organizations access to unshared or "dedicated" Azure hardware infrastructure for hosting their workloads on Azure virtual machines.

Microsoft Claims Azure SQL Database Now Offers 'Highest' Service-Level Agreement

Microsoft recently published a new version of its service-level agreement (SLA) for Azure SQL Database, adding uptime perks for organizations that use the "Business Critical" tier.

Skype for Business Online Service Ending in 2 Years

Microsoft is planning to end its Skype for Business Online service on July 31, 2021, encouraging customers to use the Microsoft Teams service instead.

Microsoft Buys BlueTalon To Bolster Azure Data Governance Solutions

Microsoft on Monday announced the acquisition of BlueTalon, a provider of data governance and compliance solutions.

Live Tiles Menu Dropped in Leaked Windows 10 Build 18947

Microsoft on Wednesday "accidentally released" Windows 10 build 18947 to a "limited number of Windows Insiders."

Microsoft Bringing Power BI Changes Plus Service Notifications Preview

Microsoft this week announced the availability of a service availability notifications preview for some Power BI subscribers, as well as coming general Power BI user experience changes.

Hold the 'Web' and 'Online' and Just Call It 'Office,' Microsoft Says

In a linguistic simplification of sorts, Microsoft has jettisoned the object of the preposition, as well as the preposition itself and even the article of the preposition, from its formerly known "Office on the Web" product branding.

Azure Active Directory Proxy Service Now Supports SAML Identity

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the Azure Active Directory (AD) Proxy service now works with applications that use the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 for user authentications.


With $1 Billion Investment, Microsoft Sets Sights on 'Artificial General Intelligence'

A $1 billion investment from Microsoft promises to turbocharge the efforts of research outfit OpenAI around artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Office 365 App Activations Getting Streamlined for End Users

Microsoft plans to ease the Office 365 app installation experience for end users, starting as early as next month, for organizations using some monthly subscription plans, according to a Monday announcement.

Remote Desktop Protocol Is a Big Target for Attackers, Study Finds

Remote Desktop Protocol is an easy-to-find and popular target for remote attackers, according to a recent study conducted by Sophos.

Microsoft Previews Prometheus Data in Azure Monitor for Containers

Microsoft has enabled its Azure Monitor for Containers management product to get data from the open source Prometheus monitoring solution.

Office 365 'Private Preview' Adds New Deletion Safeguard for Groups

Microsoft on Thursday announced a "private preview" of a new groups expiration behavior that relies on user activity as a safeguard against inadvertent group deletion.

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