Microsoft Edge Browser Shifting to Open Source Chromium Platform

Microsoft plans to align its Microsoft Edge browser production efforts with the open source Chromium Web platform for the desktop version of the browser, the company announced on Thursday.

Microsoft Ups Its Rural Broadband Goals

A Tuesday broadcast by Microsoft President Brad Smith served as a reminder that Microsoft is still proceeding with its efforts to expand broadband Internet access in rural and underserved areas of the United States.

Upgrades Recommended To Address Critical Kubernetes Flaws

Kubernetes deployments have "Critical" flaws that could permit information disclosures, according to a Kubernetes announcement.

Microsoft, Docker Launch Cloud Native Application Bundles for Managing Distributed Apps

Microsoft and Docker on Tuesday announced a new specification and a new tool for organizations and developers managing distributed applications.

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Microsoft Doubles Down on Open Source .NET

Microsoft is open sourcing some of the most popular Windows-centric .NET Framework components, particularly Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms and Windows UI XAML Library.

Intel Launches 'Modern Drivers' for Windows 10 Version 1809

Intel announced late last month that it has started introducing "Windows Modern Drivers" for its processors on Windows 10 version 1809-based machines.

Microsoft Outlines AI and Other Improvements in Office 365 Apps

Microsoft this week highlighted new and coming improvements for Office 365 users.

Microsoft Restores Azure Multifactor Authentication Service Yet Again

Microsoft apparently has addressed an Azure multifactor authentication (MFA) service outage for the second time in as many weeks.

Microsoft Expanding Account Manager in Azure Portal to Other Online Services

Microsoft is planning to expand the availability of its new "account manager" multiple sign-in capability, which will be available across various Microsoft online services sometime next year.

Microsoft Adds Admin Roles to Teams

The Microsoft Teams collaboration service now supports the assignment of four different IT administrator roles, Microsoft announced last week.

Microsoft Suggests Windows 10 FIDO2 Support Starting To Come of Age

Microsoft indicated that it's possible now to use devices based on the Fast IDentity Online 2.0 protocol with a Microsoft account and Windows 10 version 1809, obviating the need for a password.

Microsoft Improves Windows PowerShell Compatibility with New PowerShell Core 6 Module

Microsoft on Thursday announced the release of the Windows Compatibility Module 1.0.0 for PowerShell Core 6.

Microsoft Promises Greater Transparency on Windows 10 Update Quality Issues

Microsoft on Tuesday kicked off a discussion series in which the company is promising to be more transparent about Windows 10 servicing and associated quality issues.

Microsoft Rereleases Windows 10 Version 1809 and Windows Server 2019

Microsoft on Tuesday rereleased the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809), as well as Windows Server 2019 and its Windows Server-as-a-service cousins.

Microsoft Suggests Windows 10 Pro Activation Problems Will Clear in 24 Hours

Microsoft on Friday updated its advice to Windows 10 Pro edition users frustrated by a recent activation glitch.

Docker Rolls Out Windows Server Application Migration Program

Docker announced a new Windows Server Application Migration program on Thursday.

Microsoft Describes Latest SQL Server 2019 Preview and Azure SQL Improvements

Microsoft announced some SQL Server-associated news as part of the PASS Summit event for database administrators and developers, which is ongoing this week.

Microsoft Issues Security Advisory on Solid-State Drive Hardware Encryption

Microsoft issued security advisory ADV180028 on Tuesday for computer users that have self-encrypting solid-state drives (SSDs) that are ostensibly protected by Microsoft's BitLocker encryption scheme.

Windows 10 Version 1809 Bringing Added Support for Linux Distros

Microsoft plans to deliver more Linux love with the Windows Subsystem for Linux when it finally releases Windows 10 version 1809, otherwise known as the "October 2018 Update."

Microsoft Ends Easy Fix Service and Blocks Hotfix Service for Windows

Microsoft killed its Easy Fix service for Windows systems last month, and this month appeared to be ending the Microsoft Hotfix Service.

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