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  • Say Hello to the Right Technology: A Guide to 2017 Connectivity Solutions

    Read this eBook to learn about connectivity challenges that hold businesses back, recent trends that are changing the way businesses work, and how businesses can work seamlessly by using technology to help employees be more productive. Read more.

  • Planning Considerations for Managing Multiple Office 365 Tenants

    Read this white paper to learn about technology to help you deal with the issues that arise when setting up multiple tenants for Office 365 including vanity domain names and account synchronization. Read on.

  • F5 and AWS: Advanced Application Delivery Services in the Cloud

    AWS gives organizations the ability to build, test, and deploy applications without any on-premises equipment. As part of the AWS ecosystem, F5’s advanced application delivery services are available and configured to help apps go faster, smarter, and safer. Learn more.

  • MailControl Case Study

    MailControl needed more visibility into the email traffic flowing through its application. Using virtualized F5 services on AWS, they increased their application monitoring capabilities and improved security, while automating processes to support its agile DevOps process. Read on.

  • Build a Better Cloud Guide

    Each cloud migration effort is unique, with no single path. This guide is meant to support your journey as important decisions about your applications in the context of your new cloud environment and your business need to be made. Learn more.

  • Lifting and Shifting Enterprise Apps to the Cloud

    Moving enterprise applications to a public cloud allows organizations to save money, increase flexibility, and move quickly into a cloud environment. Recognizing that applications still need a surrounding infrastructure is critical to a successful migration. Learn more.

  • How to Choose the Best JavaScript Framework for Your Team

    Download GrapeCity Wijmo’s free e-book today and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript’s top frameworks like Angular and React. “How to Choose the Best JavaScript Framework for Your Team” is available now. Learn more.

  • Top 7 Office 365 Security Use Cases for a CASB

    In this white paper learn the top ways enterprises use a CASB to enforce necessary security controls across their data in Office 365 applications. Read more.

  • Predicting the Future of Endpoint Management in a Mobile World

    Read this Digital Dialogue to find out what IT professionals can do to manage this unruly environment filled with Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), Company Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) devices and endpoint device confetti. Read more.

  • The Complete Guide to Office 365 Security

    Is your Office 365 Data Secure? Office 365 security requires a constant effort to monitor, maintain, report and verify. This guide presents a single, comprehensive overview of the data security measures available within the platform. Read on.

  • Close The Gap Between Scale-Up and Scale-Out Infrastructure

    Scalable infrastructure has helped companies in industries from financial services to online gaming save time, money, gain agility and speed. Learn how Red Hat® technologies can help your organization deploy apps faster and create deliver products to market faster. Learn more.

  • Digital Transformation in the US

    The technologies and processes that businesses deploy today are so tightly linked to their customers and markets that the boundary between the company's internal operations and external ecosystem (i.e., customers, markets, competitors, partners, regulators) is rapidly disappearing. Business leaders are challenged to “digitally transform” their enterprises by combining digital technologies with organizational, operational, and business model innovation to succeed. Learn more in this info brief.

  • Containers for Dummies

    Red Hat is a modern-day success story; it’s open-source software (OSS) model has now penetrated nearly every layer of IT systems that were once proprietary — compute, storage, cloud, middleware and others. The company is recognized as a strategic, multi-product portfolio software solutions vendor among enterprise users. Learn more.

  • Windows 10 and Unified Endpoint Management

    Windows 10 accelerates the shift towards Unified Endpoint Management by Enterprise Management Solutions including XenMobile to securely manage any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet) and any platform (including iOS and Android). Read on.

  • Multi-factor Authentication: Moving Beyond User Name & Password

    Read this white paper to learn about moving beyond user names and passwords, and how Okta's multi-factor authentication solution for on premises and cloud apps provides both the highest security and simplest administration possible. Read now.

  • Forrester's Risk-Driven Identity And Access Management Process Framework

    This report describes how security and risk professionals (S&r pros) can apply risk concepts across the entire iAM process portfolio and use behavior-based trending methods to reduce security exposure, ease the burden of iAM policy management, and improve the user experience. Read now.

  • Building Secure Multifactor Authentication

    As threats to password security have increased in recent years, multi-factor authentication (MFA) has rapidly gained adoption as a method for increasing the assurance of authentication for consumer and enterprise web and mobile applications. Read now.

  • A Seismic Shift: Why It's Time to Rethink Hybrid Cloud Security

    Read this Digital Dialogue based on a recent webcast to find out why it’s time for a new security model, the application-based architecture, to deal with hybrid cloud issues. Read now.

  • GameChanger: What You Need To Know To Prepare Yourself for an Attack

    Read this GameChanger to learn how a secure cloud based backup system can help you make sure your data can be recovered in the event of a ransomware infection. Read on.

  • Enhancing Security With SQL Server 2016

    Read this eBook to learn about the built-in security features of Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016. You can safeguard your organization’s data with a security approach that leverages multiple layers of defense. Read on.