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  • 97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know

    Get insights from global professionals into the cloud engineering role. In this e-book, find 1, 2, or 97 inspirations to further develop your career.

  • Achieve more for less with Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift

    Microsoft Azure Red Hat® OpenShift® gives you a complete containerized environment based on production-grade components. This managed solution can help you reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and free your staff to innovate. Read this brief to see how you can do more for less with Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

  • Building apps in containers: 5 things to share with your manager

    It can be difficult to bring new solutions to your boss. Budget, security, and the task of maintaining existing systems are factors, and management is just trying to keep things up and running. What if you could highlight the benefits of how change would make life easier for you and your manager? Read this checklist to learn 5 key points to bring to your boss about developing applications and microservices on containers to increase your rate of innovation and competitiveness.

  • Getting started with Azure Red Hat OpenShift

    Bolster application building and deployment capabilities by using Azure and Red Hat OpenShift for full-service deployment of fully managed OpenShift clusters.

  • O’Reilly: Kubernetes Operators: Automating the Container Orchestration Platform

    This O’Reilly e-book explains how to build Kubernetes Operators using SDK and the Operator Framework. Learn how Operators are used to automate the app life-cycle.

  • O’Reilly: Kubernetes patterns for designing cloud-native apps

    O’Reilly provides reusable Kubernetes patterns so containers can improve rapid app development. Learn how to use Kubernetes to support cloud-native app development.

  • Top considerations for building a production-ready AI/ML environment

    Learn about key considerations and technologies for creating an effective AI/ML environment based on Red Hat OpenShift.

  • Top considerations for cloud-native databases and data analytics

    Databases and data analytics can help you deliver differentiated cloud-native applications and gain a competitive advantage. Containers and Kubernetes can speed development of key components of these applications. Red Hat® OpenShift® gives you a consistent Kubernetes-based foundation for implementing data-driven cloud-native application development and deployment to support your business goals. Read this e-book to discover the benefits of containerized databases and data analytics workloads.

  • 5 Ransomware Protection Best Practices

    The war against ransomware is real and everyone must be prepared for an attack on their data. By preparing in advance, you can align to a framework that provides a reliable strategy when status quo operations are disrupted. The technical advice in this paper is a great resource for backup administrators, site reliability engineers (SRE) and technology management professionals.

  • 2021 Cloud Protection Trends Report

    Read this report and learn how respondents expect to be prepared for the myriad of IT challenges they face, including hybrid cloud solutions, disaster recovery initiatives, as well as SaaS and container usage.

  • Digital Transformation With Windows For IoT

    In this informative paper, you’ll learn How Microsoft’s specialized Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Operating System helps organizations maximize the benefits of their Digital Transformation.

  • How to get maximum productivity from your remote teams

    With remote work here to stay, however, the disparate point solutions of WFH 1.0 likely won’t maximize productivity in the long term. That’s because with multiple apps for messaging, video conferencing, phone, and critical business apps, employees end up inundated with tools that don’t work cohesively.

  • 2024: The death of the meeting?

    The conventional meeting—in person, prescheduled, and time-boxed—is out of control. Over the past few years, meeting lengths, attendances, and per attendee costs have all increased significantly. But this trend cannot last forever. Poorly organized meetings already cost the U.S. economy nearly $400 billion. As meetings continue to grow larger and costlier, businesses simply won’t be able to bear the cost— and they’ll begin searching for an alternative.

  • Why you need cloud communications for your global business

    In this eBook, we’ll look at the unique challenges of global communications and how companies can use the cloud to create seamless, cost-effective, agile, and flexible communications systems to support the needs of today’s global organizations.

  • Comprehensive Cloud Security for Unified Communications

    This document describes the comprehensive cloud security employed by RingCentral to help protect customers from growing cyber threats, eavesdropping on voice communications, toll fraud, non-compliance with privacy regulations, and other security risks. It details a multilayer cloud security approach that extends from physically secure and audited data centres to intrusion detection systems to advanced voice encryption technology.

  • What to Look for in a UCaaS Provider

    When COVID-19 first struck, many organizations rushed to deploy cloud-based Unified Communications-as-a-Service and video meeting solutions. But in the rush, security concerns were often overlooked, leading to potential risk from attack or unauthorized access to enterprise data.

  • How to connect your global workforce with unified communications

    Success in today’s world knows no boundaries. From tapping into new markets to reducing production costs or leveraging regionally dispersed talent, going global offers powerful and attractive benefits.

  • Unified Communications as a Service for Dummies

    This eBook highlights the benefits of UCaaS such as cost savings, increased productivity, and remote work. Also, this eBook explains the history, technical requirements, and case studies of UCaaS.

  • KuppingerCole Executive View on Active Roles

    To learn how Active Roles can help your organization, download KuppingerCole’s Executive View report on AD account lifecycle management and One Identity Active Roles.

  • Zero Trust and Privileged Security for Hybrid AD

    Read the white paper to learn how you can enable Zero Trust in your hybrid AD environment.