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  • Protecting Office 365 With Veeam Cloud Backup

    Read this white paper to find out what you can do to protect your Office 365 data from events including ransomware attacks, loses due to user errors or malfeasance, and legal requirements for providing specific files. Learn more.

  • Protecting Office 365 With Veeam Cloud Backup

    Read this white paper to find out what you can do to protect your Office 365 data from events including ransomware attacks, loses due to user errors or malfeasance, and legal requirements for providing specific files. Learn more.

  • Digital Dialogue - Implementing Advanced Load Balancing in Azure

    Read this Digital Dialogue to find out how advanced load balancing technology can address issues including providing a focal point capable of examining all of the traffic coming in and out of systems. Learn more.

  • Microsoft Azure IaaS Solutions - Deploying and Managing the Azure IaaS Platform

    This Microsoft Azure IaaS Solutions Guide leads systems administrators and architects though common terms, design patterns, and specific examples of how to deploy Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions for compute, network, and storage.

  • Turbulence Ahead: The Changing Role of Data Protection

    Read this Fireside Chat paper to learn what can be done to manage and protect growing volumes of data including automating data management, setting reasonable recovery service objectives, and developing recovery strategies that meet business objectives.

  • Ultimate Buyer's Guide - Network Monitoring Software in 2018

    The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide answers the critical questions you have about network monitoring solutions. In this informative, easy-to-read guide, learn about the critical features, software license models, latest trends, and more of network monitoring. Learn more.

  • Fireside Chat White Paper: The Dangers of Not Deprovisioning

    Read this white paper to learn how backup technology helps assure data protection, manage complex licensing issues for current and former employees, and close security gaps in your infrastructure. Learn more.

  • The Case For Office 365 Backup - Uncovering Critical Reasons Why Organizations Need To Backup Office 365 Data

    Read this report on the hazards of not having an Office 365 backup in your arsenal, and why backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365 fill the gap of long-term retention and data protection. Learn more.

  • How To Spend Less Time On DR & More Time On IT

    Deploy these 10 tools included in today’s best-of-breed backup and continuity devices and you get to decide what you do with the time you saved. Learn more.

  • Disaster Recovery Testing, Your Excuses, and How to Win

    Are you 100% confident you can recover? In this paper, discover testing standards, common objections, and the newest technologies enabling effortless, zero resource daily testing. Learn more.

  • Disaster Recovery Techniques that Stop the Enemy Within

    Most reports on data protection highlight external threats. You read a lot about the impacts of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and malware, but a different class of threats are far more prevalent – those created by your own employees. Read on.

  • 5 Ways IT Resilience Beats Disaster Recovery

    In this paper learn to set your business up for success with these five steps you can take to build IT resiliency today. Read on.

  • Thriving in Threatening Times with IT Resilience

    Learn how your data protection and business continuity system can automatically identify an issue and take near-instantaneous action without waiting for human directions. Learn more.

  • 9 Ways to Stay Undefeated Against Disasters

    At $9,000 a minute, downtime is expensive and IT managers need to do everything they can to increase uptime. Even just a 1% increase in uptime can save your company millions in negative business impacts. Learn the 9 steps you can take to protect against downtime. Learn more.

  • DCIG 2017-18 Cloud Data Protection Appliance Buyer's Guide

    Compliments of Unitrends. DCIG’s analysts have done the heavy lifting for you. This buyer's guide helps you assess the cloud data protection appliance marketplace to determine which appliances may be the best fit for your environment. Read on.

  • Backup and DRaaS IT Buyer's Guide

    When it comes to data protection and business continuity, what is your goal? That’s easy – a solution you know will work every time, protecting everything you have in your data center with absolutely zero downtime and zero data loss. Selecting the right solution is increasingly more than just about basic backup. Learn what to look for, and potential gaps in coverage, to put your organization in the best position to achieve the lofty goal of total protection. Read on.

  • IT Resilience: The Evolved Approach to a $700B Downtime Problem

    First there was Data Backup and Recovery. Then there was Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This White Paper defines the evolving next innovation in business protection – IT Resilience (ITR) – and why it’s growing more important to organizations struggling to protect their data and operations from downtime. Read on.

  • 2018 Survey Results: 10 Findings on how over 800 IT Pros handle Disaster Recovery & Cloud Adoption

    The Unitrends 2018 annual survey of IT professionals about the challenges they face in protecting their data and business-critical applications culminated in July with over 800 survey respondents from companies of all sizes. The survey’s questions focused on two aspects of IT, first the current state of data protection and disaster recovery, and secondly attitudes towards and usage of the cloud. Learn more.

  • Unitrends and Nutanix Implementation Guide and Architecture Overview

    Nutanix is on fire and Unitrends is thrilled to be a part of their certified solution community. The newly released Unitrends and Nutanix Implementation Guide is an ideal read for both IT administrators who are currently running workloads in a Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure and for those who are planning to. Learn more.

  • Fireside Chat White Paper: Backup and Recovery Options in Office 365

    Read this paper to find out how experts answered key questions about backup and recovery options for Office 365, including the most important one: Does Microsoft backup data in Office 365? Learn more.