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Mobility & Office 365: How to Enable Your Mobile Workforce with Office 365

Join Nathan O’Bryan as he explores some of the features of Office 365 that enable a mobile workforce to function as a cohesive team without the need for physical proximity. During this hour long webcast Nathan will demonstrate how Office 365 features allow him to work mobile. Register now!

Date: 03/09/2016

Time: 11:00 AM

Simplification and Security: Building Your Business Case for Cloud Fax

In this webcast hear customer case studies, and learn how a faxing service lays the foundation to take your improvement efforts far beyond fax. Now is the time to make your case for taking faxing to the cloud! Register now and learn more.

Date: 02/24/2016

Time: 11:00 AM

Logo: colligo

4 Email Problems That SharePoint Can Solve Now

In this webinar, industry experts take a look at common email management problems and how you can solve them from a technology and policy perspective.

Date: 02/24/2016

Time: 8:00 am


AD Group Management: When to Automate and When to Delegate

Active Directory groups need to be managed continually, but IT can’t do it on their own. Join industry expert Nick Cavalancia and Jonathan Blackwell from Imanami as they explore the issues of practical automation and responsible delegation related to the management of Active Directory groups. Register now!

Date: 02/25/2016

Time: 11:00 AM

IT Security: Why One Layer of Defense Is Not Enough

Join security expert, Ian Trump, as he explores the uncomfortable reality of cybercrime and its impact on SMBs, how businesses need to protect themselves from all angles and why using layered security is crucial to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. Read on.

Date: 03/03/2016

Time: 10:00 am

Logo: Dell Software

How To Become a Data Protection Hero

Now is the time to rethink your data protection strategy addressing when, where, why and how to protect, preserve and serve your applications and data against various threats. Find out how in this webcast. Learn more.

Date: 02/24/2016

Time: 8:00 am

Logo: Netwrix

How to Survive an IT Audit – and Thrive Off It!

In this webinar, you’ll learn about top control processes that should be taken care of as matters of best practice or as core components of any IT compliance.

Date: 03/17/2016

Time: 11:00 AM

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

Rethinking Data Protection

This Redmond supercast looks at the industry trends, issues, and challenges you face as your environment quickly evolves, and helps you determine the best protection strategy and implementation for your environment. Register now!

Date: 02/23/2016

Time: 11:00 AM

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

How to Migrate from VMware to Hyper-V

In this Redmond TechAdvisor webinar we look at the various technical and business reasons for migrating to Hyper-V along with some tool discussion on how to move your VMs as well as prepare your Windows server environment. Read on.

Date: 02/25/2016

Time: 11:00 am

On Demand

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

System Hardening without Affecting Production Services

In this Redmond TechAdvisor webcast, we'll cover testing scenarios and the struggles of properly securing production Windows systems. We'll also look at keeping these systems secure by addressing compliance testing, enforcement and monitoring. Read on.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Demanding Enterprise Workloads

Join the experts at Taneja Group and Nutanix in this technical webinar covering the infrastructure requirements for today’s demanding enterprise applications and how a virtualized first methodology along with a software-based approach to storage can change the way enterprise applications are hosted and served. Read on.


Crack the Code To Cloud App Security, Deployment, User Experience and Support

Get Office 365 and cloud app deployment best practices from Rightpoint’s experience deploying hundreds of enterprise cloud application projects. You will also learn the leading cause of security breaches and proven approach to meeting security and compliance.


Auditing Office 365: Why You Can’t Do It Alone

In this informative webcast, join industry experts to hear how Knowledge Vault can be used to meet and exceed your Office 365 auditing, reporting, and configuration needs. Register now!

IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing

Join us for this webinar to learn how you can deploy faxing for your entire organization — with features like real-time status updates and 24/7 availability — quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Register now!

High Availability and Automation for Linux Virtualization

Join us for this online presentation and demo, and learn how you can easily add the advanced automation and scalability features you need to run large scale or mission critical virtualization environments! Learn more.

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

Securing Your Office 365 Mailbox – Lessons Learned

Nathan O’Bryan will dive into ways you can protect your Office 365 mailboxes from threats like spam, phishing attacks, spoofing, etc. using both 1st and 3rd party tools. He will cover how to properly implement protection for your systems in addition to real world tips and lessons learned for protecting your mailboxes in the cloud.

Logo: Dell Software

Holistically Manage and Solve Virtualization Performance Issues Like a Pro

Join this webcast, as we discuss a holistic approach for monitoring and resolving virtualization performance issues that enables you to better utilize your existing infrastructure while planning for your future needs.


SharePoint Backup and Recovery: Secrets to Granular Recovery from Existing Backups

Join Paul LaPorte from Metalogix to learn how to overcome the many challenges and limitations SharePoint administrators face when using existing backup solutions to effectively recover SharePoint files. Learn more.


Going Past the Simple Firewall: Implementing Security in Layers

In this webinar, security experts will cover what kind of threats exist today, how to notice these threats (encrypted or not) and how to protect your network from them.

Logo: Colligo | Microsoft

Hottest Apps to Mobilize SharePoint in 2016

Microsoft Senior SharePoint Product Manager Bill Baer discusses how your success is tied to mobility in 2016. It’s easier than you think to meet the mobility demands of both your workforce and your enterprise.

Logo: Dell Software

Preparing for SharePoint 2016 and Office 365

Learn what’s new in SharePoint 2016. SharePoint experts will cover the “big three” feature areas that are improved in SharePoint 2016 while demystifying the decision about on-premises, on-cloud, or hybrid.

Eliminate Print Servers: Mastering Print Management in the Modern Era

Hear technology experts discuss and investigate ways to simplify print management and eliminate print servers in the modern era. Learn more.

Logo: Esker. Document Process Automation.

Order Management for the Modern Age: Why It Pays to Go Paperless

Explore how an ERP-integrated solution can help any business eliminate the manual pains of fax and email order processing. Register now to learn more!

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

Enabling Enterprises Resiliency and Availability

This Redmond Supercast looks at common issues, challenges and trends that drive organizations to increase their business and data infrastructure resiliency along with solutions to enable information to be available when and where it is needed.


How Can Office 365 Support Millions of Users and Still Perform Well?

Join us for this webcast to explore how Microsoft changed the SharePoint Online storage architecture to deliver superior performance and the full range of benefits you can enjoy by leveraging this next generation SharePoint architecture. Read on.

Logo: Mimecast. Unified email management.

All Aboard: Building Consensus for Office 365

Watch this webinar to explore the top concerns for organizations adopting Office 365 and how to mitigate them. You'll also learn how to build consensus among all groups. Learn more.

Trends Disrupting the Security Market

Join industry experts to learn about mitigating security risks with device and app context, security for cloud-based infrastructure, and more.

Logo: Dell Software

Making Security a Business Enabler

Empower your business by transforming security into an enabler that provides users with access to the data and applications they need to be productive at work.

Logo: Dell Software

IAM as a Service (IAMaaS) is a reality today. Find out if it’s right for your organization.

Explore if identity and access management as a service (IAMaaS) is right for you? Discover how IAMaaS measures up against traditional on-premise solutions, and determine which scenario is the right fit for your organization.

Logo: Dell Software

Understanding Privileged User Compliance Requirements for PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 27001

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn about the scope and intent of PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 27001, along with the controls specific to privileged user access for each of these regulations. Plus much more.

Logo: Dell Software

Password Hashing Has Evolved. Are You Ready to Prevent The Real Risk of a Security Breach?

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn about strategies and tools that make it easy to prevent hashes from being harvested, detect the use of harvested hashes and address the target of many attacks (privileged accounts). Learn more!

Logo: Dell Software

Ensuring the Success of your IAM Project

Discover the keys to a successful, affordable and sustainable IAM implementation. Watch this on-demand webcast with IAM expert Phil Allen, and explore the lessons learned from hundreds of companies and real-world projects.

Tame Your Growing Server Landscape with Automated Configuration Management

Learn about the benefits of automated configuration management and how it can help your team achieve greater control, predictability and flexibility.

Logo: Dell Software

Make smarter access control decisions - and boost productivity

See how to add adaptive security to an already powerful combination of single sign-on access for internal and cloud-based web applications.

Logo: Dell Software

Ten tasks to automate in active directory to save time, prove compliance and ensure security

Explore key Active Directory topics, including user-logon naming conventions, why you should standardize department names and other organizational attributes, and how to approach provisioning and deprovisioning accounts.

Logo: Dell Software

Ensuring the success of your IAM Projects

Leverage Dell’s knowledge gleaned from partnering and supporting hundreds of companies and real-world projects. Discover the keys to a successful, affordable and sustainable IAM implementation.

Logo: Dell Software

Get Ready for Exchange 2016 and Office 365

Join experts to hear how to get ready for Exchange 2016 and Office 365, and get the most out of your new environment once you have made your move.

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

Migrating Public Folders to Office 365

Join Nathan O’Bryan (MCSM: Messaging, MVP: Office Servers and Services) for this Redmond Tech Advisor webcast covering everything you need to know about migrating Public Folders into Office 365.

Logo: Mimecast. Unified email management.

Avoiding the Office 365 Icarus Affect

Industry experts cover the most frequent missteps when executing on a cloud strategy and best practices for a successful migration.


Security Admin and Governance for SharePoint On-Prem, Online, and Everything In-Between

Many organizations are assessing how they manage current SharePoint needs, while also considering a transition to the cloud. Sound familiar? Then register for this webcast to learn how that transition will change the way you manage content, permissions, and administration and governance policies.


Need a Cloud Strategy that Doesn’t Cast a Shadow on App Performance?

Industry experts tackle the issue of application performance in the cloud and how to properly craft a strategy ensuring exceptional end user experience with cloud-based applications, increasing business agility, and lowering costs.

Logo: Mimecast. Unified email management.

Missing the Cloud: The Forgotten Considerations

Your email may currently be on premise and you simply wish to understand the path to Office 365. You could be thinking about the cloud or in the initial steps, taking advice and planning the journey. Whatever stage you are at, this session covers the most frequent missteps when executing on a cloud strategy.

Logo: Dell Software

Building a Cyber Resilient Enterprise

In this webcast join Nathan O'Bryan (MVP Office 365 & MCSM: Messaging), as he explores the important questions that need to be asked and answered for any large IT department to achieve true cyber resiliency.


SSL Best Practices: Always-On SSL

This webinar will cover all of the recommended SSL/TLS best practices before taking a deep dive into the area of “Always-On SSL.”

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

TLS and SSL: What You Need To Know

Join Nathan O’Bryan (Office 365 MVP & MCSM: Messaging) on this exploration of SSL. Whether you’re a security professional, or you just want to learn how the internet works, this webcast is for you. Learn more.

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

Understanding the Threats to Your Online Business

Hear Nathan O’Bryan (Office 365 MVP & MCSM: Messaging) dive deep into web security. He explores some of the most common vulnerabilities effecting websites based on the OWASP top ten project.

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

Disaster Recovery Planning: Improving the Process

Hear from business continuity planning expert Jon Toigo as he moderates this Redmond Supercast covering the latest techniques for business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Learn more.


Today's Mobile Security Threats and Tips to Enable Productivity Without Compromising Data Security

Join this webinar to understand today’s mobile threats and the risk they incur on the end-to-end mobile data workflow. Learn why securing the end-end mobile workflow is important to overall security and hear tips to uncover mobile threats and protect your data and network. Read on.

Logo: Dell Software

Five Ways to Prepare for Exchange 2016, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365

In this session, experts will discuss how to get the most out of Microsoft’s 2016 versions of Exchange and SharePoint and five specific things that you can do now to properly prepare for the future. Read on.


Monitoring the Cloud: Keeping an Eye on What You Can’t See

In this webcast, join industry experts as they discuss how a move to cloud and virtualization impacts a view of the network, what performance factors you should be monitoring and how to identify performance issues.

Logo: Dell Software

Enabling the Remote Worker: Improve Productivity with Unified Communications

In this webinar, you will learn how to effectively measure your Unified Communications usage and diagnose problems should problems arise to keep your remote workers satisfied and staying productive. Learn more.

Logo: imation

Get the Most out of Your Microsoft Investment and Save Money – Up to 95% Less Than a Laptop

Join us for this informative webinar and learn about Windows To Go, applicable use cases and how it can be an integral part of your mobility mix, and cost considerations and comparisons of laptops, VDI and Windows To Go. Learn more.


Future-Proofing Your Data Protection Strategy

In this webcast you'll learn how legacy thinking around recovery is stemming your protection potential, what aspects of data protection keep your organization future-proof, and how virtualization and the cloud can be used for more than just backup and recovery. Read more.

Logo: Veeam -It Just Works!

Essential Hyper-V Backup and Recovery Tips

This webinar focuses on challenges IT professionals face when it comes to providing effective availability within Microsoft Hyper-V environments. We’ll provide you with a list of common recovery techniques and tips to help aid you in managing your Always on Business. Read on.

Logo: Dell Software

Cost-effective disaster recovery without a DR site? You bet.

Achieve effective disaster recovery without a physical DR site or extending your DR footprint. View this Microsoft partner webcast and learn to manage the growth of your backup archives while enabling multiple disaster recovery options.

Logo: Centrify

Proven Practices for O365 Deployment, Security and Management

Join Centrify and Perficient, to gain insights from over 2.5 million implementations and innovations that earned Centrify top rating in the Network World hands-on review of Single-sign-on solutions. Learn more.

Webinar Recording

Want a More Secure Environment? See How Systems Management Can Help

You want a more secure environment. But while you’re likely employing some form of perimeter security, such as firewalls, intrusion detection, encrypted data transfer or other similar methods, are you paying attention to what is happening at the device level? Join this webcast and learn what IDC research manager Robert Young has to say about improving security through more comprehensive systems management of your connected endpoints.