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Best Practices for Office 365 Data Protection

Join Nathan O’Bryan (Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Messaging and MVP Office 365) for this interactive webcast on best practices to help you keep your data safe in a new IT landscape built on cloud services.

Date: 09/23/2015

Time: 11:00 am


Removing the Identity Barriers for Office 365

In this webcast, learn the basics of Office 365’s requirements for identity management, explore how Office 365 integrates with on-premises directory services, and see a few surprises (both pleasant and unpleasant!) that may await you as part of your ID management deployment for Office 365.

Date: 09/24/2015

Time: 11:00 am

Logo: BridgeWays

Monitor your InterSystems Caché database and proactively reduce the risk of unexpected system downtime.

Learn about how you can leverage the power of Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor your InterSystems Caché database environment, whether you have SCOM in use or not.

Date: 09/10/2015

Time: 2:00 pm

Logo: Dell Software

The New World Order of Data Protection – Focus on Recovery

Sr. Advisory Analyst Greg Schulz will discuss data protection and recovery trends as well as common IT organization threats, risks, challenges and needs.

Date: 09/23/2015

Time: 8:00 am

Logo: Dell Software

What to Know about Exchange 2016, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365

Join a panel of Exchange and SharePoint experts as they discuss the most interesting and valuable changes you should know about.

Date: 09/29/2015

Time: 11:00 am

Logo: Dell Software

Why PCI DSS Compliance Is More Important than Ever: An Auditor's Point of View

Join independent auditor Joe Grettenberger for the latest news on PCI DSS compliance and learn why the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) is resolving to make PCI DSS compliance a program in your organization, rather than a periodic exercise. Learn more.

Date: 09/24/2015

Time: 11:00 am

Simplification and Security: Building Your Business Case for Cloud Fax

As budgeting season has arrived, now is the perfect time to join our live webinar to discover the many benefits of faxing as a cloud service, and how you can build your case for deploying it throughout your entire organization — quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Register now!

Date: 09/23/2015

Time: 11:00 AM

SharePoint Security: Bridging the Active Directory Gap

Join industry experts and fellow IT pros as they discuss the problem of group management from a decidedly SharePoint perspective, and look to you to provide anecdotes, color, and insight into this problem.

Date: 09/16/2015

Time: 11:00 am

Active Directory Groups: Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Control

In this interactive webcast, join Nick Cavalancia and Jonathan Blackwell as they discuss AD Group red flags and group management best practices. Learn more now.

Date: 09/02/2015

Time: 11:00 am


Go Mobile: The Good, the Bad and the Secure of Mobile Identities

This webinar will help you understand how mobile can be incorporated into your existing enterprise environment and will take a deeper dive into mobile identity, system architecture and threats. Learn more.

Date: 09/16/2015

Time: 11:00 am

On Demand

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Proven Practices for O365 Deployment, Security and Management

Join Centrify and Perficient, to gain insights from over 2.5 million implementations and innovations that earned Centrify top rating in the Network World hands-on review of Single-sign-on solutions. Learn more.

Logo: Dell Software

Password Hashing Has Evolved. Are You Ready to Prevent The Real Risk of a Security Breach?

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn about strategies and tools that make it easy to prevent hashes from being harvested, detect the use of harvested hashes and address the target of many attacks (privileged accounts). Learn more!

Logo: Dell Software

Ensuring the Success of your IAM Project

Discover the keys to a successful, affordable and sustainable IAM implementation. Watch this on-demand webcast with IAM expert Phil Allen, and explore the lessons learned from hundreds of companies and real-world projects.

Logo: Dell Software

Understanding Privileged User Compliance Requirements for PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 27001

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn about the scope and intent of PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 27001, along with the controls specific to privileged user access for each of these regulations. Plus much more.

The 4 Biggest Time Sinks for IT Ops

Learn about the four most common IT time sinks and easy ways to control these time-wasters and reclaim your time.

Eliminate Print Servers: VCPI Simplifies Printing Across 2,400 Locations

Learn how VCPI was able to create a printing environment that is seamless to both traditional and mobile users, that reduces print-related WAN traffic and empowers user self-service, all the while allowing centralized management and eliminates the need for print servers. Find out more.

Why Hypervisor Convergence Is Disrupting Traditional Virtualization

This session highlights the virtualization convergence continuum covering everything from the DIY virtualization model on one end of the spectrum to hypervisor convergence on the other; defining and comparing each of the approaches in the market along the way.


Don’t Be Duped by De-Duplication

In this webinar, IT veteran, DR expert and tech journalist Jon Toigo will kick things off with a brief discussion of the current state of de-duplication. Then Toigo will discuss both the challenges and the potential benefits of intelligent de-duplication. Learn more.

VDI Cheaper than PCs? Yes, with RDS, Hyper-V and Layering Innovations

In this educational webcast, desktop virtualization experts Tom Rose from Unidesk and Thomas Willingham from Microsoft explain how Hyper-V and RDS advancements, along with new application layering technology, make VDI simpler and more affordable than physical PCs. Get app mobility and lower costs at the same time. Learn more.

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SharePoint 2013 Storage: Breaking the 200GB Barrier

In this educational webcast, hear industry experts as they discuss SharePoint BLOBs, making the case for Remote BLOB Storage, getting RBS done right and more.

The Fax Survival Webcast: How to Avoid a Doomsday Disaster with Cloud Fax Services

Learn how your company can forget about the headaches and hassles of fax by moving your operations to the cloud! Learn more.

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

Clouds and Disaster Recovery Planning

In this Redmond Supercast, Jon Toigo will look at the grey areas of cloud-based disaster recovery services, and assess the silver lining that disaster recovery experts insist that clouds can deliver today.

Best Practices for Onboarding to Office 365

Join Damon Tompkins, Chris Kolodziejski, and a special guest to learn best practices for onboarding to Office 365. You'll gain insight into potential onboarding pain points, how to identify them in your source environment, avoid them, and even remediate them. Learn more.

Logo: Unidesk

Hyper-V Security and Management Essentials

Hyper-V is the best value in virtualization. With 5nine and Unidesk, it's the most powerful, too. Learn how these Microsoft ISV partners are joining forces to make Hyper-V the most secure, cost-effective, and easiest to manage platform for VDI and other virtual workloads.

Logo: Centrify

Supporting Macs and Mobile Devices in the Enterprise: Balancing IT Control Vs. User Productivity

Guest speaker, Forrester Research Principal Analyst David K. Johnson will explore challenges and discuss techniques to allow enterprises to easily and seamlessly add Macs, tablets and smartphones to the corporate infrastructure leveraging tools, policies and processes that are already in place.

Logo: Dell Software

Email Is the Biggest Risk in Your Organization…and What to Do About It

Michael Osterman addresses the email-related risks your organization faces everyday and what you can do to eliminate them.

Choose Your Authentication

During the webcast, you’ll learn how flexible multi-factor authentication overcomes these issues and how you can achieve it without having to introduce added complexity to your existing environment.

SharePoint High Availability or Disaster Recovery?

We examine the pros and cons of SharePoint high availability content versus traditional system wide disaster recovery. The end result are several ways on supporting your business critical content in the future. Register now for more!

How to Automate Common File-Based Tasks

In this webinar, Adam Bertram will go over a common scenario that IT pros are faced with: secure B2B file transfer.

Active Directory Groups: Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Control

In this interactive webcast, join Nick Cavalancia and Jonathan Blackwell as they discuss AD Group red flags and group management best practices.

Logo: Redmond Tech Advisor

Benefits and Best Practices of Deploying SSL Certificates

Are you unsure as to whether or not you should use SSL certificates in your infrastructure, or to what extent you should use them? You’ll find answers to your questions in this informative Webcast featuring MVP Nathan O’Bryan.

The Seven Rules of IT Disaster Recovery

During this webinar, experts from Acronis and Disaster Recovery Journal will share seven best practices that IT organizations should consider when architecting and implementing disaster recovery solutions. Learn more.

Virtualizing Exchange: Protection Made Easy

Join Jason Acord, Veeam Inside Systems Engineer Manager for this educational webinar to learn about the key benefits of virtualizing your Exchange environment, identify best practices and pitfalls to avoid, as well as show you some free tools for agentless eDiscovery, backup and recovery. Learn more.

IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing

Join us for this webinar to learn how you can deploy faxing for your entire organization — with features like real-time status updates and 24/7 availability — quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Register now!

Logo: Mimecast. Unified email management.

Webinar featuring Forrester Research: The Human Firewall – Strengthening Email Security

Listen to guest speaker Nick Hayes from Forrester Research and Steve Malone from Mimecast for insight into how technology and awareness together can strengthen defenses.

Logo: Mimecast. Unified email management.

Office 365 Email Migration Surprises – Rhetoric vs. Reality

During this 37 minute webinar, Microsoft Office365 MVP J. Peter Bruzzese, will reveal the post migration surprises he’s heard most frequently from companies that have already made the move. He’ll provide his realistic assessment of what to expect and what to plan for when moving to the cloud.


Discover the Key to Supercharging SharePoint

SharePoint can be frustrating. But did you know there’s an easy way to get more out of your installation? Learn how a social collaboration solution can help supercharge it.

Eliminate Print Servers - Enable Mobile, BYOD and Guest Printing

PrinterLogic eliminates the need for print servers and enables centrally managed direct IP printing. With its Mobile Printing solution, mobile, BYOD users and guests can easily print, whether they are on or off network. Learn more.

Logo: Unitrends

VMware vSphere 6 Roudtable Discussion

Our panel of vExperts discusses VMware vSphere 6, it's features and enhancements and debates what it means for the future of virtualization.

Logo: Unitrends

Cloud Backup and Recovery Survey Results

We surveyed 1600 respondents from the IT community on their usage of cloud backup solutions for computing, storage and business continuity including preferred vendors.

Logo: Unitrends

Docker Backup, Taylor Swift, and Data Protection

Docker is hot. Almost as hot as Taylor Swift right now. But not since VMware’s early hypervisors has a product been so hyped with so little means of protection.

Logo: Unitrends

The Benefits of Physical Backup Appliances in a Virtual World

Learn the reasons why including physical appliances in your disaster recovery plan may be preferable to a virtual only solution. Watch our webinar now!

Logo: Unitrends

Ransomware and Data Backup

Learn about backup and disaster recovery best practices for preventing the menace of ransomware and recovering if infected.

Logo: Dell Software

Endpoint to Perimeter: Network Protection That’s Inside Out and Outside In

Learn from the experts what’s on the horizon and how to effectively use the latest technologies to cope with security threats from the inside out and the outside in.

Logo: Dell Software

Maximize the Value of Your Unified Communications

Tony Bradley and Michael Keenan will talk about some of the challenges organizations face with unified communications and how to manage disparate UC platforms, like Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business and Cisco UC, effectively and efficiently.

Logo: Dell Software

A Reality Check on the Role of Clouds in Data Protection

Attend this webcast for an explanation of cloud-based disaster recovery, examples of hybrid private/cloud data protection models and ideas for preserving critical data while freeing up space in your storage infrastructure.

Active Directory Groups and Insider Threats

Join industry experts as they talk about the current states of both insider threats and group management and why connecting the two is critical to the security of your organization.


Planning and Executing Your Migration to Exchange Online

Join Nathan O’Bryan (MCSM: Messaging and MVP: Office 365) and Vadim Gringolts (CTO, Binary Tree) for an unscripted discussion about planning your migration to Exchange Online in Office 365.


Moving Beyond Passwords with Mobile

This webinar looks at the role of mobile in creating more secure, more convenient, multi-purpose trusted identities and explores a variety of use cases where mobile will help you begin your journey to becoming a password-less enterprise. Learn more.

Moving to Office 365 with Security in Mind

Industry experts will host an informal discussion about making the move to Office 365—with a focus on how to address security concerns and make the switch to Office 365 with security and compliance in mind. Register now!

Logo: Unitrends

Hyper-V: Enhance Your Virtualization Experience

Watch industry experts Nick Cavalancia and Mike DiMeglio as they discuss key considerations for architecting a data protection and recovery strategy for a Hyper-V environment from the smallest VMs to large, mission-critical applications with short SLAs. Learn more.

Logo: Dell Software

Highlights from an Active Directory Modernization Analysis

Cloud initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, compliance regulations and implementation of new systems, require an organized, consolidated and up to date Active Directory infrastructure. Learn how four corporations made the decision to modernize and realized a massive return on their investment.


Understanding SSL/TLS Best Practices and Application Protection

Learn the latest techniques used to mitigate attacks on web based applications.

Logo: Dell Software

Making Security a Business Enabler

Empower your business by transforming security into an enabler that provides users with access to the data and applications they need to be productive at work.

Logo: Dell Software

5 Good Reasons Email Encryption Matters

This engaging webinar will provide a brief primer on encryption techniques, outline the expanding reach of data security regulations, and identify how adding email encryption can help your organization fearlessly face down the risks of non-compliance.

The 1-2-3 Security Approach for Windows Server 2003 EOS

In this educational webcast, industry experts will discuss how to best apply security solutions across three paths to help customers deal with Windows Server 2003 EOS.

Logo: Dell Software

The Citrix Super Admin ― How to Simplify Your Work with X-ray Vision

In this educational session, you’ll discover how much easier your job can be with complete visibility into all aspects of your Citrix infrastructure running on VMware.

Webinar Recording

Want a More Secure Environment? See How Systems Management Can Help

You want a more secure environment. But while you’re likely employing some form of perimeter security, such as firewalls, intrusion detection, encrypted data transfer or other similar methods, are you paying attention to what is happening at the device level? Join this webcast and learn what IDC research manager Robert Young has to say about improving security through more comprehensive systems management of your connected endpoints.