SonaSafe Exchange Standby Solution Ships

SonaSoft began shipping its SonaSafe Exchange Standby Solution, an integrated disk-to-disk backup and recovery and disaster recovery solution for Microsoft Exchange Server.

The standby system maintains a redundant standby server by continually updating a secondary system with the data retrieved from the primary system. That enables the standby system to take over immediately if the primary system fails, according to the San Jose, Calif. company. The redundant system can be located either locally or at a remote site for protection against disasters.

“Today, customers have to buy [multiple products from several vendors] to meet their backup needs and for failover [and] disaster recovery -- these solutions are not integrated and you have to depend on [multiple] vendors to implement the solution,” says Vas Srinivasan, Sonasoft’s vice president of marketing.

Unlike similar products, Sonasoft’s standby package provides access to the secondary server at any time, Srinivasan says.

“With other failover products, the server at the disaster recovery [site] is only available if the primary server fails [because] the standby server is locked and cannot be accessed,” says Srinivasan. With Sonasoft, the remote standby server is a live server and is available all the time for testing, monitoring and searching.

That availability for monitoring and testing means the standby server can be used to meet HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements, Srinivasan says. Additionally, the product stores the individual mailboxes in PST format and they can be copied on a CD and browsed through Microsoft Outlook.

Sonasoft’s SonaSafe Exchange Standby Solution costs $5,280, which includes backup/recovery software, standby functionality for disaster recovery, and two agents -- one for the primary and one for the standby servers.

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