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Dealing with Broken Dependencies in SCVMM

Brien shows you how to resolve some broken, template-related dependencies in Microsoft's System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

Microsoft Improves Meeting Planning in Outlook on the Web

New "intelligent" features that Microsoft just announced aim to help Outlook users with wrangling meeting attendees and hunting down relevant documents.

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3-D Makes Its Way into Office 365

With 3-D support in apps like PowerPoint and SharePoint, Microsoft is showing skeptics how mixed reality can make a lot of business sense.

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Microsoft Finally Lets Windows Defender Protect Itself

A recently added "tamper protection" feature finally corrects an obvious security gap in Microsoft's anti-malware solution.

Microsoft Word's LinkedIn Integration Evolves

Brien revisits the LinkedIn-powered Resume Assistant in Word, which has only gotten more intuitive and useful over the past year.

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The Future of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft's move to build Edge on Chromium raises a big question: With Firefox and Chrome dominating the browser market, why does it still matter what Microsoft does?

Using Hyper-V's Storage Resource Pools with Stretched Clusters

The trickiest thing about making a stretched cluster work with Hyper-V is getting the underlying storage to work properly.


The Case of the Spontaneous Hyper-V Modifications

When mysterious changes to the Hyper-V virtual switch caused all of his virtual machines to lose connectivity, Brien was left puzzling over the source of the problem and the workaround.

How To Create Office 365 User Accounts in Bulk

Manual account creation can be tedious, time-consuming and prone to human error, especially if you have more than a handful of Office 365 users to set up. Brien shows you a better way.

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Hardware-Level AI and Brainier CPUs: Predicting the Future of Computers

It's unlikely that machines will ever perfectly mimic a human brain, but next-generation computers could come very close. Here are some educated guesses as to what the future of computing could look like.

Should Hyper-V VMs Be Configured To Use a Pagefile?

In the early days of Windows, the pagefile helped make up for shortages in physical memory. But should you be using a pagefile on a virtual machine?

How To Grade Your Organization's Office 365 Security Level

With Office 365 emerging as a big target for today's hackers, it's important to know how your organization's security measures up.

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The Case for Global Office 365 Backups

It can be tempting to only back up the Office 365 applications that you actually use and leave the rest to chance. But as Brien explains, that approach carries a huge risk.

With HoloLens 2, Microsoft's Mixed-Reality Promise Gets Real

The next release of Microsoft's mixed-reality headset corrects some major flaws in its predecessor and opens new possibilities for its practical use.

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How To Control Your Microsoft Office Metadata

Metadata can say a lot about a given document -- as well as the document's creator. Here's how to manage what types metadata appear in your Office documents to protect your security while still giving useful information.

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