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When Should You Back Up Server Operating Systems?

As with most things in the IT space, the answers will vary on your needs and how much free time you have.

Is It Ever OK To Use Refurbished Servers?

You can save some money by going the refurbished route. However, learn what can and cannot be in used condition before taking the risk.

Controlling Digital Devices with Your Mind

What was once a science fiction dream is now one step closer to being a reality.

Performing File-Level Backups from the Command Line

If you can't back up your data in an air-gapped solution, here's an alternative to saving your files.


The Impact that Designer May Have on the Future of Microsoft 365

Microsoft is just getting started with AI integration into its product line.

How To Choose a Server Rack

Size, airflow and security should be at the forefront of your decision.

Posey's Tech Predictions for 2023

Are cloud price reductions, increased AI and Windows 13 waiting for us this year?

My 2022 Tech Predictions Revisited -- How Did I Do?

Let's see if I was Nostradamus or just way off the mark.

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Is the Free Backup Option Good Enough?

As the saying goes, you get what you paid for. But it's not quite as simple as that.

The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made With Hyper-V

Let my blunder be a learning opportunity. Also, don't forget your backups!

Are Advertisers Turning to Biometrics?

Our future might be about to get a lot more annoying.


Is Designer a Game Changer for Microsoft 365?

The success of the new app depends on if Microsoft has learned the lessons of the past.

Does Windows Want to Violate Your Privacy?

Here are some handy tips to adjust confusing notifications with just a few clicks!

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Does Redundancy Eliminate the Need for Backups?

The cloud era does not mean that we ditch what has worked in the past.

Were My Office Documents Leaked?

Something strange happens when you explore an attached disk in Windows.