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Test Driving Windows 11 Copilot, Part 1: Getting Started

Ahead of its full release, let me share some of my thoughts on the preview version of Microsoft's AI-powered assistant.

How To Get Windows 11 Copilot Today

Jump the line by becoming a Windows Insider in just a few clicks.

Is It Better to Purchase Microsoft Office or Subscribe to Office 365?

There's much more to consider besides willing to pay in full upfront vs. in perpetuity.

Where To Go For Hyper-V Troubleshooting Information

Navigate the maze of Windows Event Logs to efficiently troubleshoot common Hyper-V issues.

Simplifying the Process of Working with Large Excel Spreadsheets

Here are a few tips that will improve your efficiency and get you out of that massive data spreadsheet as soon as possible.

How To Use a Switch to Simplify Your PowerShell Scripts

Discover how to declutter and simplify your PowerShell scripts using switch statements, enhancing both readability and debuggability while learning tips for managing multiple and no-match scenarios.

Is Microsoft Copilot Worth its High Price Tag?

Let's crunch the numbers.

Is Generative AI a Viable Tool for Stealing Sensitive Information?

With tools like ChatGPT scraping the Web, we could see a return to the old "Google Hacking" technique of yesteryear.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Microsoft 365 Backup

When it comes to backing up your data, there are a ton of choices out there. Here's why Microsoft's new service stands out among the rest.

Do Futuristic Technological Predictions Ever Come to Pass?

Let's take a look back at how Microsoft saw future travel, and see how close to the mark it got.

How To Use the Windows System File Checker

The time will come for any PC when the only fix is to reset the whole thing.

Strategies for Using Microsoft's Attack Simulation Training

Make sure your organizational phishing test doesn't fail before getting in the hands of end users.

The Potential Hidden Perils of Relying on Microsoft Copilot

While the technology aims make our day-to-day work lives easier, problems will arise if Copilot is switched to autopilot.

How To Get a Microsoft 365 E5 Subscription for Free

Here's how to set up your own developer account (no, you don't need to be a developer to take advantage of it).

How To Use the Windows SSH Client

Microsoft has finally included a baked-in method for remotely controlling systems not running on Windows. Here's how to get up and running.

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