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Why Are the Office Web Apps Free?

To try to peel back this mystery, taking a look at the history of Microsoft's free online Web apps can help provide insight.


How To Improve Windows 11 Performance

Even with a brand-new OS, some tweaking may be needed to get it running how you want. Here's how.

Virtual Reality Gets Standardized and Teams Continues to Grow: Tech Predictions for 2022

It's that time of year again to make some bold proclamations on what our tech future has in store for us.

Revisiting My 2021 Tech Predictions

Let's take a look back and see how I did with my tech predictions made 12 months ago.

A First Look at Microsoft Loop

Brien breaks down his initial thoughts and ideas on how Microsoft Loop can be used in productivity.

Taking Microsoft Loop for a Spin

Brien walks you through getting started in the latest Microsoft 365 feature, currently in preview.

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Welcome to the Metaverse, Part 2: How I See It

Brien breaks down how our metaverse future will change how we interact with technology in the coming years.


Welcome to the Metaverse, Part 1: What Is Your Metaverse?

With something so abstract as digital space, our ideas of what it can be may differ from one another.

What To Do After a PC Refresh

Keep your accounts and data secure before discarding your old machine.

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Modernizing the 3-2-1 Backup Rule

Does the advice of keeping redundant data backups still hold true today?

Microsoft Office 2021 Features Worth Checking Out

Brien shares a few of his favorite additions to the latest version of Microsoft's productivity suite.

Was Upgrading to Windows 11 a Good Decision?

Time to put Microsoft's new OS to the ultimate test -- day-to-day use on the road.

Can the Surface Duo Improve Your Productivity?

As a bridge device, Microsoft's smartphone offering can mostly handle what you throw at it.

Does Your Computer Have a TPM 2.0 Chip?

Learn if your machine can jump over the most confusing hurdle for Windows 11.

My First Impressions of Surface Duo 2

Microsoft is making logical moves to address issues with the first version of its flagship smartphone.