Posey's Tips & Tricks

Does Windows Want to Violate Your Privacy?

Here are some handy tips to adjust confusing notifications with just a few clicks!

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Does Redundancy Eliminate the Need for Backups?

The cloud era does not mean that we ditch what has worked in the past.

Were My Office Documents Leaked?

Something strange happens when you explore an attached disk in Windows.

Less Annoying Microsoft 365 Updates Are Here

Microsoft has brought relief to those of us that keep multiple documents open for a prolonged amount of time.

Will Microsoft Loop Change Email?

The ability to collaborate on email could have some resounding implications on how we communicate.

How To Remove an Unwanted Application from Azure AD

As with many things in life, what should be simple is a bit more complicated than needs to be.

Out-of-Band Replication for Hyper-V

Is your replication going too slow? Here's how to speed it up.

Why Immutable Backup Storage Isn't Enough Protection Against Ransomware

To truly protect your data from attackers, take some time to follow these additional safeguards.

Is the Metaverse Ready for a New Kind of Wearable?

An augmented reality contact lens may sound like something out of science fiction, but it may be here sooner than you think.

How To Remove a Bad Windows Update

While Microsoft does not make it easy, you can roll back a bad update (in certain situations).

Rethinking My Air Gapped Backups

Like anyone else, I perform regular, automated point-in-time backups of my production Hyper-V virtual machines. In addition to those backups, I also regularly create air gapped backups.

Examining Microsoft 365 Privacy Options

You might not be able to stay hidden from your employer's watchful eye, but you do have some control on the amount of visibility.

How To Narrow Down Windows Search

Filter your search queries to locate what you're looking for.

Microsoft Ignite 2022 Will Be in Person!

However, just don't expect the Microsoft Ignite of past years.


Metaverse Problems May Not Be Insurmountable

The metaverse won't take over your entire PC usage. But it can be used to greatly enhance your experience, when used in the correct context.