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How To Fix Problems with Cached Credentials in Windows 11

While the fix might not be obvious, it should only take a few minutes to get back up and running.

Making the New Copilot Key More Useful

Here's how to unlock more options for Microsoft's latest keyboard addition.

Real-World Ransomware Recovery

Here's how I was (mostly) successful in recovering a family PC infected with malware.

Using Microsoft Office to Build a Network Diagram 2

Now that we've set up our process, let's dig in with the actual execution.

Using Microsoft Office to Build a Network Diagram, Part 1

Keeping documentation is a great way to ease your future hardware refresh and have what you need for insurance purposes.

Network Documentation -- What's Really Important?

Network Documentation -- What's Really Important?

What Happens When Hyper-V Runs Out of Disk Space?

It can happen. Here's a couple of options when you've hit the ceiling.

Planning for an Unusually Difficult PC Backup

Old PC with more than a decade of never-backed-up data on it? No problem.

Using Hyper-V Replication to Recover from a Data Loss Event

Things sometimes go sideways. Thankfully, Microsoft's Hyper-V Replication feature can get you back up and running.

Windows 11 Configuration Checklist, Part 2: Fine Tuning

I'm back with another batch of configuration tweaks you may want to make after refreshing your Windows 11 deployment.

Microsoft Adds a Copilot Key to the Keyboard

Let's take a look at what this means by peering back at Microsoft's history with the keyboard.

Windows 11 Configuration Checklist, Part 1: Personalization

From cutting the bloat to setting your preferred Start menu items, here are some of the basics everyone should run through after installing a clean version of Windows.

How To Make Copilot Available in the Office Applications

What should be automatic might take a few different steps to (maybe) get working. Why, Microsoft?

PC Hardware Refresh: Not as Easy As Expected

It may take some extra considerations to swap hardware in custom setups. Here's some issues I recently ran into.

Is There a Viable Alternative to Microsoft's Pricey Surface Hub?

If you're willing to do some legwork to set it up, a device similar to a Surface Hub can be yours at a fraction of the cost.

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