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How To Enable Voice Typing in Windows 11

While the feature takes a big step forward with the new OS, there's still some ground to make up, compared to other third-party options.

How To Use Inking in Windows 11

No longer is the Microsoft feature gated behind hardware.

Fixing Microsoft 365 Problems the Easy Way

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant can help identify and address basic fixes in just a few easy steps. 

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Will Windows 11 Break Microsoft's Pattern of Good/Bad OSes?

Progress isn't a straight line. In fact, when it comes to Microsoft operating systems, it's more up-and-down.

Automating Microsoft 365 Installation, Part 2

Now that you've accessed the Microsoft Office Setup files, here's how to use them to perform a custom deployment.

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Automating Microsoft 365 Installation, Part 1

If you'd rather automate and customize the Microsoft 365 deployment process instead of doing it from the management console, here's how.

How To Disable Windows 10 S Mode

Microsoft developed Windows 10 S Mode with good intentions, but not with IT pros in mind. Here's how to turn it off -- but beware. Once you disable S mode in Windows 10, there's no going back.

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Windows 11 Wishlist: The Key Features Still Missing

It's hard for Brien to get excited about Microsoft's new operating system when it still misses the mark in these three important areas.

There's No Escaping Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

The next phase of Microsoft's Teams push is tight integration between the collaboration platform and Windows 11 -- whether users want it or not.

Windows 11 First Impressions, Part 2: Some Unanswered Questions

Microsoft's Windows 11 unveiling was packed with information but, in some key ways, it left Brien with more questions than answers.

Windows 11 First Impressions, Part 1: It's the Windows 10 That Never Was

Microsoft hasn't said so, but Windows 11 might be shaping up to become the great unifying OS that Windows 10 should have been.

A New Way To Cool Servers in the Datacenter

Brien's solution to cooling down his overheating PC works well, but probably won't scale to datacenter hardware. Enter Microsoft's inventive new datacenter cooling project.

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Troubleshooting Windows 10's Blue Screen of Death, Part 2

In Part 1, Windows Reliability Monitor detected a hardware issue on Brien's Surface Book 2. Here's how he fixed the problem.

Troubleshooting Windows 10's Blue Screen of Death, Part 1

There are three initial paths you can take to diagnose a BSOD problem.

The Difference Display Resolution Makes on Windows Mixed Reality

Brien takes the Reverb G2, HP's next-generation mixed reality headset, out for an extremely high-resolution spin.