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How To Review Your User Access Control Settings -- And Why

Once universally loathed, UAC is now a very useful tool for blocking Windows security threats. Here's how to make sure you're using it appropriately.

Microsoft 'Seeing AI': Imagining a New Use for Computer Vision

A Microsoft Research project is expanding the capabilities of computer vision systems to help visually impaired users navigate everyday tasks.

Creating an Anti-Malware Policy for Microsoft 365

Those with a business or enterprise subscription to Microsoft 365 have the option to create a policy that will greatly reduce the chances of a user becoming infected from a malicious e-mail.

Protecting Users Against E-Mail Phishing Attacks

Microsoft's go-to solution for anti-phishing protection is an anti-phishing policy. Here's how to create one in Microsoft 365.

Restoring a Backup to Dissimilar Hardware: 3 Things To Watch Out For

Getting a new desktop looking and feeling like the old one used to take a long time, but modern backup applications have greatly streamlined the process. Still, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid potential issues.

How To Reclaim Your Privacy from Windows 10, Part 2

These are the top four privacy settings to check in your Windows device to make sure Microsoft doesn't collect any data you don't want it to.

How To Reclaim Your Privacy from Windows 10, Part 1

To audit all of the personal data that Microsoft has collected from your PC usage habits, look no further than Windows 10's Privacy Dashboard.

Reusing Content Within Microsoft Word

A new Microsoft Word feature lets you insert a block of text (or other content) from a different file without leaving the document you're currently working on.

How To Create Custom Shapes in Microsoft Visio

Visio is a handy tool for creating network diagrams, but it doesn't include every conceivable type of shape. Here's how to create your own custom shapes in Visio.

How To Rebuild a Problematic Windows 10 Installation

Sometimes the easiest fix for chronic Windows 10 problems is reinstalling Windows 10. Here's how to do it without erasing all of your files and apps.

The Case for On-Prem Home Labs in a Cloud-First World

The public cloud is mature and reliable. So why does Brien still run a bunch of physical servers out of his home? For a lot of good reasons that the cloud can't match, it turns out.

How To Safely Use a Hyper-V VM for Ransomware Testing

Ransomware is a lot more sophisticated now, attacking data on network drives and in the cloud. Before physically interacting with ransomware, take these precautions to stop anything outside the VM from getting infected.

A Chatbot Patent Is Microsoft's Most Disturbing Creation

Using standard AI training practices, Microsoft has developed a technology that would -- theoretically -- allow people to "chat" with deceased relatives.

Managing Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms

Remote work has forced organizations to get used to holding virtual meetings. That's easy enough for meetings of 10 to 15 people. But bigger gatherings require a bit more wrangling.

Don't Rule Out Microsoft Replacing Outlook with Teams

Outlook used to be the centerpiece of Microsoft's collaboration efforts, but with Teams becoming more feature-rich by the day, it's obvious which app Microsoft now considers its golden child.