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IT Pros: Don't Forget To Protect Your Personal Security

Don't be the IT pro who spends way too many hours each day keeping their users secure only to neglect their own home networks. Brien describes the two steps he took to avoid this trap.

HoloLens 2 Wish List: What Microsoft Could (And Should) Improve

Once a milestone of modern technology, Microsoft's original mixed-reality device is now starting to show its age.

How To Sort Objects in PowerShell

PowerShell sometimes displays far more information than you can comfortably digest. Thankfully, there are ways to display only the information that really matters.

Working with Hyper-V Virtual Disks in PowerShell

A common way to attach a virtual hard disk to a virtual machine is via the Hyper-V Manager. But, as Brien shows, you can use PowerShell instead.

How To Fix Hyper-V Clock Skew Issues

A few minutes of clock skew might seem like a non-issue, but don't be fooled. There are multiple scenarios where having differing clocks could wreak minor havoc. Here's how to address the problem.

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Installing the Hyper-V Module for PowerShell

If you're getting error messages while trying to manage a remote Hyper-V host from a Windows 10 desktop, here's one possible reason -- and a solution.

Can Group Policy Settings Be Applied to Hyper-V VMs?

As Brien shows, here's where WMI filtering comes in handy.

Managing Hyper-V VMs with PowerShell Direct

Here's how to use PowerShell to manage Hyper-V virtual machines without having to jump through the usual hoops.

Exploring PowerPoint's New Inking Support

Inking tools have existed within PowerPoint for a while now, but Microsoft has recently upped their capabilities and creativity.

Microsoft Now Lets You Build Your Own Drone App

More than a perk for hobbyists, Microsoft's new SDK will -- for the first time -- give anyone who has basic development skills a way to build apps for an emerging class of IoT device.

Using PowerShell To Get Detailed Role Information

PowerShell makes it possible to gain a detailed understanding of what roles do, and of the relationship between roles and features.

Using PowerShell To View Windows Server Roles and Features

Here are some PowerShell tricks for finding out which roles and features are installed on Windows Server.

Test-Driving Microsoft HoloLens in Zero Gravity

Despite all of HoloLens' unique uses, Brien never expected to be wearing it while floating around weightless. That's exactly how he spent this morning -- with mixed results.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up Microsoft Teams for video conferencing.

Enabling Microsoft Search Within Office 365

As your organization's Office 365 dataset grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to find the data they're looking for. This is where Microsoft Search comes into play.

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