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Hardware-Level AI and Brainier CPUs: Predicting the Future of Computers

It's unlikely that machines will ever perfectly mimic a human brain, but next-generation computers could come very close. Here are some educated guesses as to what the future of computing could look like.

Should Hyper-V VMs Be Configured To Use a Pagefile?

In the early days of Windows, the pagefile helped make up for shortages in physical memory. But should you be using a pagefile on a virtual machine?

How To Grade Your Organization's Office 365 Security Level

With Office 365 emerging as a big target for today's hackers, it's important to know how your organization's security measures up.

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The Case for Global Office 365 Backups

It can be tempting to only back up the Office 365 applications that you actually use and leave the rest to chance. But as Brien explains, that approach carries a huge risk.

With HoloLens 2, Microsoft's Mixed-Reality Promise Gets Real

The next release of Microsoft's mixed-reality headset corrects some major flaws in its predecessor and opens new possibilities for its practical use.

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How To Control Your Microsoft Office Metadata

Metadata can say a lot about a given document -- as well as the document's creator. Here's how to manage what types metadata appear in your Office documents to protect your security while still giving useful information.

Performing a Storage Refresh on Windows Server 2016, Part 2

Earlier, Brien walked through the steps of preparing a physical Windows Server 2016 machine for a storage refresh. Now, he shows how to complete the process, all the way to OS restoration.

Performing a Storage Refresh on Windows Server 2016, Part 1

To spruce up some aging lab hardware, Brien decided to make the jump to all-flash storage. Here's a walk-through of the first half of the process.

Standardizing the Look of Outlook's Outbound Messages

Microsoft typically gives users a blank canvas to compose new e-mails in Outlook. In some corporate environments, however, a blank canvas isn't a good thing.

System Center VMM Library Availability for Unmanaged Hosts

You know that SCVMM libraries can store ISO files, virtual hard disks and various types of templates in a single location for use on all of your managed hosts. But what about unmanaged hosts?

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Should You Rethink Your Office Patching Strategy?

Buggy patches are all but inevitable -- especially, it seems, if they're from Microsoft. Maybe the old wait-and-see approach to Office patching is worth a second look.


Hyper-V for Newbies: 4 Things To Know Before Getting Started

If you're new to Hyper-V, here are some pointers that can save you a lot of grief.

Using Functions To Alter the Appearance of an Excel Spreadsheet

While functions are typically used for computational purposes, they can also be used to change a spreadsheet's overall look. Here's an example using Excel's MOD function.

Black Box

When To Back Up the Windows Desktop (And When To Skip It)

It goes without saying that data should be backed up, but what about the OS? The short answer is, it depends.


Machine Learning 101: The Building Blocks To Get Started

It may be the buzziest tech trend of the moment, but machine learning is no easy matter. Before you jump into writing machine learning algorithms, here are the basics you need to start a project.

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