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How To Replace the Hard Drive on a Windows 10 PC, Part 2

The next step is to delete the OEM partition between the C: volume and your unallocated space. You'll need to use an old command-line tool for that.

How To Replace the Hard Drive on a Windows 10 PC, Part 1

Windows 10 comes with some native tools to help you expand your hard disk space. Here's how to get started on freeing up some room.

Why Do Messages Go Missing After an Office 365 Migration?

The short answer is, "They don't." Here's how to track down those wayward e-mails and keep them from being hidden again.

Navigating IMAP Migrations for Office 365 Exchange

IMAP is almost universally supported, making it a good method for migrating from a non-Exchange Server platform to Office 365. But there are several limitations you need to know about before getting started.

A Case for SharePoint Spaces

The problem with SharePoint Spaces is that it lacks a compelling business use case. But after testing out the feature at Microsoft Ignite, Brien thinks he's got one figured out.

Why Did Microsoft Nix Device Limits for Consumer Office 365?

Microsoft recently lifted the device limit for Personal and Home subscribers of Office 365. That's great news for individual users, but what's in it for Microsoft? Here are some possible reasons for the move.

20 Years of IT Conferences: How Tech's Mega-Events Have Evolved

Today's IT conferences are no longer the three-ring circuses they were during the dot-com boom, but they're also not the fuddy-duddy events that became common right after the crash. Case in point: Microsoft Ignite 2018.

How To Validate Input in PowerShell Functions, Part 2

As Brien demonstrates, string validation is not the only type of input validation that PowerShell can perform.

How To Validate Input in PowerShell Functions, Part 1

If your automated script takes action based on a value, it's critical to make sure the value is correct. Good thing PowerShell has ways to validate the values that are passed to a function.

Microsoft Ignite 2018: Thoughts on Nadella's Unorthodox Keynote

Unlike previous years' opening keynotes, Monday's was less focused on product announcements and demos, and more on CEO Satya Nadella's vision for digital transformation across industries.

Microsoft Ignite 2018: Expect Lots of Cloud, Little of Windows

A grab-bag of predictions for Microsoft's upcoming IT event. Also in the cards: open source getting short shrift.

Microsoft's Hands-Off Underwater Datacenter Is Crazy Enough To Work

If Microsoft can run its massive, land-bound datacenters with almost no tech staff, the idea of letting a submerged datacenter operate for five years without any direct human contact seems at least plausible.

Windows 10 Hyper-V Is (Probably) Not Going Away

There's a rumor that Microsoft is planning to replace Hyper-V with an alternative feature called simply "Virtual Machines." Brien breaks down just how little sense that would make.

One Way Office 365 Phishing Attacks Are Getting Sneakier

A relatively new type of phishing attack is targeting Office 365 users while completely circumventing all of the usual security defenses.

Office 2019: Meet the New Office, Same as the Old Office

While testing out the Office 2019 preview, Brien noticed something unexpected: Office 2019 seems nearly indistinguishable from Office 2016.

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