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Creating Custom Workflows in Office 365

Brien walks you through how to make completely custom workflows to suit out-of-the-ordinary situations.

How To Create Multi-Dimensional Arrays in PowerShell

A quick primer on one of the most useful tools in PowerShell scripting.

How To Run Oculus Rift Apps in Windows Mixed Reality, Part 2

Now that you know how to make SteamVR work with Microsoft's Mixed Reality environment, it's time to actually run apps that are designed for the Oculus Rift.

How To Run Oculus Rift Apps in Windows Mixed Reality, Part 1

A lack of apps has been the biggest thorn in the side of Microsoft's mixed reality efforts. One way to get around it is to use apps that were designed for Oculus Rift instead.

Get More Out of Your Outlook Inbox with TakeNote

Brien comes across a handy, but imperfect, feature in Outlook that lets you annotate specific e-mails. Its provenance is something of a mystery, though.

Frozen Glass

How To Use PowerShell Splatting

Despite its weird name, splatting can be a really handy technique if you create a lot of PowerShell scripts.

How To Use PowerShell's Out Verb

Your screen doesn't have to be PowerShell's only output device. As Brien shows, the Out verb lets you redirect PowerShell's output in a variety of useful ways.

Upgrading to System Center Virtual Machine Manager Version 1807, Part 2

Now that you've cleared all the system requirements, the next step is to install SCVMM version 1801 and then update from there. Brien shows you how.

Upgrading to System Center Virtual Machine Manager Version 1807, Part 1

Brien walks you through the migration process so you can start benefiting from the newest SCVMM features. The first step: Get your system in line with the latest version's prerequisites. And there are plenty.

Man and Arrows

My Top 5 Microsoft (and Tech) Predictions for 2019

From the common-sense to the outlandish, here are the big tech industry moves that Brien is betting on for the new year.


2018 Microsoft Predictions Revisited

From guessing the fate of Windows 10 S to predicting Microsoft's next big move with Linux, Brien's predictions from a year ago were on the mark more than they weren't.

Getting a Handle on Hyper-V Virtual NICs

Hyper-V usually makes it easy to configure virtual network adapters within VMs. That is, until you need to create a VM containing multiple virtual NICs.

How To Enable Guest Access for Office 365

While it's possible to give outside users access to certain content in your organization's Office 365 environment, the process of setting them up requires a few extra steps.


Microsoft Dynamics 365: Why It May Not Be What You Think

For starters, the cloud-based CRM/ERP software has some surprising integrations with PowerApps, Microsoft's low-code developer environment.

IT Pros: Don't Forget To Protect Your Personal Security

Don't be the IT pro who spends way too many hours each day keeping their users secure only to neglect their own home networks. Brien describes the two steps he took to avoid this trap.

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