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How To Use PowerShell To Uninstall an Application

The Control Panel has long been Microsoft's workhorse for deleting unwanted apps. But while this method works fine most of the time, it's not exactly scalable.

What's Behind Microsoft's Sudden Teams Push?

As Skype for Business slowly gets phased out and Slack's enterprise dominance becomes less of a sure thing, the time is right for Microsoft to focus its marketing energies on its upstart collaboration tool.

Microsoft Graph Primer, Part 2: Connecting an App to Microsoft Graph

Brien walks you through the steps of setting up an application to use the Microsoft Graph API.

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Microsoft Graph Primer, Part 1: What Is Microsoft Graph and Why Does It Matter?

Billed by Microsoft as an all-encompassing API, the Microsoft Graph plays a critical role in how developers access Microsoft's various cloud resources.

It's OK If Microsoft Abandons Live Tiles

What started out as a handy shortcut to your most-used Windows 10 apps has morphed into another way for Microsoft and developers to pepper you with ads.


How To Maximize OneDrive for Business Storage

Exactly where does Microsoft cap the amount of OneDrive storage space you can give each user? As Brien explains, it depends.

Microsoft Resurrects Windows 1.0 (Sort Of)

In another example of "everything old is new again," you can now recapture that old-school Microsoft feeling without even a single floppy disk drive.

How To Refresh Hyper-V Hardware, Part 2: Managing Replication Traffic

The final part of Brien's Hyper-V upgrade involves using a 10GbE connection for replication traffic -- without having access to enterprise-class hardware.

How To Refresh Hyper-V Hardware, Part 1: Get Your Versions Straight

The first half of Brien's project to replace his outdated Hyper-V servers took nearly 10 days and multiple replication failures. Here's what went wrong and how he fixed it.

Microsoft Makes It Easier To Brand Office 365

In a move that will be well-received by many users, Microsoft has lifted some key restrictions on how companies can brand their Office 365 environments.

How To (Safely) Run Untrusted Applications in Windows 10

The new Sandbox feature in Windows 10 lets organizations run potentially risky executables in isolation, without having to set up a virtual machine.

Microsoft Adds Multi-Account Support to Office Apps

For power users of Microsoft's various Office services, life just got a little bit easier.

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A Second Look at the Chromium-Based Edge Browser

Now that he's had a few months to test drive Microsoft's new browser, Brien shares his thoughts on what makes Edge tick.

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Windows Defender Application Guard: First Look

Of the many security improvements Microsoft made to the latest Windows 10 release, the ability to wall-off the Edge browser against malware attacks is one of the most critical.

Kaizala: Office 365's Latest Bet on Mobile Collaboration

Microsoft's newest Office 365 addition seems like a solid business app, but does it bring any functionality that isn't already scattered throughout the rest of the suite?

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