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  • Managing Your Kubernetes Clusters for Dummies

    Need a quick and easy way to learn about managing your Kubernetes clusters? This book breaks down top information in four easy to read chapters.

  • Improve security and compliance: Reduce risk with a robust, open source Linux platform

    This whitepaper provides solutions to your most common security compliance challenges. Get expert guidance around security vulnerability and compliance risk for Linux environments.

  • Ford Motor Company speeds development and delivery with Red Hat OpenShift

    Read all about how Ford Motor Company created a successful container-based application platform to improve developer productivity, enhance its security, and optimize its hardware use!

  • Five Considerations for Managing Your Kubernetes Clusters

    This checklist clearly discusses the key things to keep in mind when considering the management of your Kubernetes clusters. Learn expert best practices and top industry tips.

  • Boost hybrid cloud security

    81% of enterprises cite cloud security as a challenge. Learn the best practices for boosting your hybrid cloud security.

  • Boost database performance and agility

    Boost database performance, reduce costs, and prepare for future change with this hybrid cloud foundation for Microsoft SQL Server Workloads.

  • Advance your business with a hybrid environment

    This whitepaper discusses expert best practices for building an effective hybrid cloud strategy for your organization. Learn how to achieve greater business agility, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

  • Add speed and agility to application development

    Learn how to quickly create, deploy, and manage modern, cloud-based applications in both self-managed and fully managed deployment options. Streamline your application environment with Red Hat and AWS.

  • Accelerate cloud adoption

    Building a hybrid or multi cloud environment that benefits your organization can be challenging. Get expert advice on accelerating cloud adoption.

  • 10 considerations for Kubernetes deployments

    There are many questions to consider before starting your first container development project. This checklist will give you the 10 considerations that can help ensure that your Kubernetes deployment will support your enterprise now—and into the future.

  • 7 characteristics of successful hybrid cloud strategies

    This checklist will give you the top 7 areas to consider when building a successful hybrid cloud strategy. Increase the potential of your cloud solution today.

  • Managed Detection and Response: A Guide to Implementation and Best Practices

    This guide outlines some of the challenges that have become more immediate in the post-COVID era, how to evaluate your organizational risk, and how an effective MDR partnership can help solve major challenges, including internal roadblocks. You’ll discover six steps to proper MDR implementation, the hallmarks of an outstanding solution, and how to identify partners with the people, process, and know-how to deliver beyond expectation.

  • Modern SD-WAN Management: An Answer for an Internet-Connected World

    Changes brought about by digital transformation are pressuring traditional wide area networks (WANs) because of expanded public-cloud workloads, mobile connectivity, and the security ramifications of network traffic shifting from secure corporate data centers to branch offices. Enter the software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), which uses network virtualization and cloud-based technologies to simplify delivery of WAN services, accelerate deployments, and deliver deep visibility and control across the network.

  • GateGroup Case Study

    Garth Gray, Vice President Global IT Infrastructure and Michael Heuser, Senior IT Director of gategroup talk about the transformation of their MPLS network into a global SD-WAN with strong integration of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The talk took place at the American headquarters of gategroup in Reston, Virginia.

  • KEMET Customer Story

    KEMET chooses Open Systems to optimize performance of cloud apps, secure cloud connectivity and reduce costs by 50%.

  • Detect, Protect, Recover: How Modern Backup Applications Can Protect You From Ransomware

    Infrastructure and operations leaders responsible for data protection must evaluate new ransomware protection features as critical prerequisites when choosing backup platforms. Here, we assess new features that aid in detecting ransomware attacks, protect the backup repository and speed recovery.

  • 2021 Modern Data Protection Best Practices by Veeam

    In 2020 organizations around the world were forced to react to fast changing business realities. Now the demands and expectations of data, where it is created and accessed, whether it is on-premises or cloud, the sheer volume of data, and the desire to better leverage that data to support customers and operations, has led to a need for faster delivery times and even higher service levels.

  • Beat Ransomware - 3 Ultimate Strategies

    The war on ransomware is real. Today’s organizations need to have a strong, multi-layered defense and strategy to address ransomware. In this paper, Rick Vanover from Veeam® will provide organizations with practical steps they can take to protect data and avoid being in a situation where data loss or ransom payment are their only options.

  • Physical Servers Backup with Veeam: Best Practices and Configuration

    Most organizations today rely on virtualized IT infrastructures. Veeam® helps them to provide and increase Availability of critical workloads running on their systems. Due to various factors, some physical servers cannot be virtualized, along with endpoints that might not be protectable in their entirety by leveraging back-up solutions built for virtualized systems.

  • 10 Best Practices for VMware vSphere Backups

    In 2021, VMware is still the market leader and many Veeam® customers use VMware vSphere as their preferred virtualization platform. But, backup of virtual machines on vSphere is only one part of service availability. Backup is the foundation for restores, so it is essential to have backups always available with the required speed. The “10 Best Practices for VMware vSphere Backups” whitepaper discusses best practices with Veeam Backup & Replication™ v11 and VMware vSphere.