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  • Successfully Manage Your Teams Migration

    With the exponential growth of Microsoft Teams as the collaboration hub within Office 365, it’s critical to ensure a smooth transition of Teams as part of an M&A or cloud consolidation process. This paper explores the requirements for ensuring a successful migration.

  • Redmond GameChanger - What You Need to Know About Office 365 Tenant Migrations

    Mergers and acquisitions often necessitate tenant-to-tenant or cross-tenant migrations.

  • Transform Microsoft Teams into a Path-to-Value for Your Remote Workforce

    The intent of this white paper is to provide insights to organizations that aim to transform Teams into a path-to-value for your remote workforce.

  • Managing Remote Workstations with Active Directory Domain Joins

    This white paper is a collation of best practice recommendations for Active Directory management for domain consolidations.

  • Maintaining the Health of Your Active Directory Infrastructure

    This white paper is intended to provide insights on how to identify and remediate the potential issues with an Active Directory environment. Learn how to detect and address configuration problems, poor operational practices, and security risks, as well as how to implement a bestpractices approach to maintaining the health of your AD infrastructure going forward.

  • A Guide for Consolidating Active Directory, Exchange, and Office 365 After a Merger

    Day One of your merger or acquisition is in the books. You pushed hard to integrate your identity and messaging so that your users could start collaborating right out of the gate. You’ve set things up so that users can look each other up in a shared directory, send emails back and forth, schedule meetings, and more.

  • Notes and Domino Application Modernization Considerations and Options

    This white paper will explore and detail many of the elements for consideration and options available when contemplating the future of your Notes/Domino environment. Often, the only options are to either pursue a Notes/Domino Decommissioning Program or a Notes/Domino Retention and Enhancement program.

  • How to Migrate 10,000 Users in a Week

    Laying the proper foundation to migrate 10,000 email users on a weekly basis is much like building a house or in this case a factory. The most successful builders know that planning, staging and choosing the right tools and materials are more important to achieving success than the construction itself. There is no difference when it comes to data migrations. The more practiced, developed and evolved a process is, the better the results will be. This white paper will walk through a typical work week in the Binary Tree “Migration Factory”.

  • DRaaS for Dummies - Veeam Software Special Edition

    All about DRaaS in 50 pages! Learn how to choose the right DRaaS solution and achieve data availability.

  • The Automated Enterprise: Unify People and Processes

    Learn how IT automation and Ansible work at the enterprise level to transform network, infrastructure, security, DevOps, and other IT services.

  • Simplify Your Security Operations

    Learn how automation can help you safeguard your business and respond to growing security threats faster.

  • Key Infrastructure Trends Facing North American Midmarket Organizations

    This InfoBrief seeks to enlighten IT practitioners of North American mid-market organizations on key trends impacting IT environments and the role of server operating system environments (S-OSEs). It is based on a survey of 307 qualified IT decision makers based in North America. Survey respondents were screened to ensure they are familiar with their organization’s IT and application strategies, and OSE selection.

  • Why Commercial Support Improves Security and Stability For Organizations Using Open Source

    Open source software (OSS) can help midsized organizations expand multiple-environment infrastructure and keep central governance. But, using OSS can be complicated by security and compliance concerns, lack of talent, and a complexity of projects and vendors. Most organizations using OSS require commercial support, including stability and security enhancements, certification for hardware and software integration, and direct access to expertise. Learn more in this analyst paper from 451 Research.

  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies

    Cloud computing is proliferating and taking over the world of IT as we know it. Cloud computing also grows more complex and multi‐faceted daily. Jumping onto the cloud is easy,but Getting it right is somewhat trickier. Learn more in this hybrid cloud strategy e-book from Red Hat and Intel.

  • Enterprise Automation in a DevOps World

    The pace and scale of digital business innovation is increasing. Industries are experiencing widespread disruption. Digitally connected customers demand more, faster. New competition comes out of nowhere. Organizations are trying to optimize resources, accelerate development, and adapt faster to market changes. All of these demands place an extra burden on IT teams. Automation can help. This high-level enterprise automation checklist can help you transition to a more automated, efficient environment.

  • 10 Ways to Automate Microsoft Windows with Red Hat Ansible

    This checklist reviews 10 ways you can automate Windows systems using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy Checklist

    Private, public, and hybrid cloud computing are gaining popularity as companies seek efficient, cost-effective technology and compute solutions that address their needs in real time. Learn more about successful approaches to cloud deployment in this hybrid cloud strategy checklist.

  • Ten Ways to Improve IT Efficiency with a Standard Operating Environment

    In today’s digital businesses, IT organizations are expected to deliver more services at a faster pace than ever before. However, an IT infrastructure built on multiple operating systems creates complexity that can delay provisioning, increase downtime, and create security and compliance risks. Read more to learn the 10 steps to implement a standardized operating environment that can simplify your IT infrastructure.

  • Top 10 Security Events to Monitor in Azure Active Directory and Office 365

    Is your organization really more secure now that you’re running applications in the cloud? Don’t forget that users can still perform high-risk actions in the cloud, and account credentials can still be compromised. Unfortunately, native auditing tools for Office 365 and Azure AD retain audit events in logs for only a limited time. They offer only a small window into security events and leave a lot of work to the system administrator.

  • The Definitive Guide to SharePoint Migration Planning

    The most important part of any migration is the preparation — plan properly before you migrate anything, and not only will your migration go more smoothly, but you will have a healthier target environment going forward, which will reduce risk as well as support and maintenance costs.