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  • Monetizing Energy Storage in the Data Center

    In this paper, we describe approaches data center operators can use to monetize their UPS energy storage and explain the modes of UPS operation required for each method.

  • Multi-tenant Datacenters and Sustainability

    Multi-tenant Datacenters and Sustainability: Ambitions and Reality, is a report created by 451 Research based on 800+ multi-tenant datacenters that uncovers how operators have faced their environmental challenges. Download the report to learn from the global players addressing public concerns, customer expectations, operational resiliency, and regulatory guidelines. See how some have even leveraged their sustainability initiatives into competitive differentiators.

  • Top 10 Mistakes in Data Center Operations: Operating Efficient and Effective Data Centers

    How can you avoid making major mistakes when operating and maintaining your data center(s)? The key lies in the methodology behind your operations and maintenance program. All too often, companies put immense amounts of capital and expertise into the design of their facilities. However, when construction is complete, data center operations are an afterthought. This whitepaper explores the top ten mistakes in data center operations.

  • The 12 Essential Elements of Data Center Facility Operations

    This ebook describes unique management principles and provides a comprehensive, high-level overview of the necessary program elements for operating a mission critical facility efficiently and reliably throughout its life cycle.

  • Understanding the capabilities of DDoS mitigation devices

    With DDoS attacks on the rise and attackers demanding hefty ransoms, companies must ensure that their deployed mitigation solution is optimal. This Whitepaper explains different mitigation components capabilities and how they match your environment needs.

  • Achieve more for less with Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift

    Microsoft Azure Red Hat® OpenShift® gives you a complete containerized environment based on production-grade components. This managed solution can help you reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and free your staff to innovate. Read this brief to see how you can do more for less with Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

  • 9 reasons to trust Red Hat OpenShift and Microsoft Azure

    With a jointly engineered and supported solution, Red Hat and Microsoft accelerate time to value and create a unified approach to development.

  • Save costs and achieve more with Red Hat OpenShift managed services

    Integrating Kubernetes into complex IT environments yourself can be difficult and time consuming. Red Hat works with key cloud provider partners to deliver fully managed container environment services that simplify deployment and operations. Four Red Hat® OpenShift® managed services are available, so you can choose the option that best fits your organization’s needs. Each service allows you to take advantage of flexible pricing models, reduce your support costs, increase operational efficiency, and free your staff to innovate. Read this brief to see how you can save costs and achieve more with Red Hat OpenShift managed services.

  • Windows Server 2017/2019 Storage Spaces Direct Performance using Chelsio 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25 GbE) RDMA Adapters

    This paper presents performance benchmarking results for Windows Server 2019 Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) in a hyper-converged deployment scenario using Chelsio 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25GbE) iWARP RDMA adapters which enable incremental, non-disruptive server installs, and supports the ability to work with any legacy (non-DCB) switch infrastructure. This enables a decoupled server and switch upgrade cycle and delivers a brownfield strategy to enable high performance, low cost, scalable S2D deployment.

  • eBook - Fostering Exceptional Microsoft 365 User Experiences

    There is a growing demand to learn and know how users feel about the quality of their experience. That is why Experience Level Agreements are becoming an Expectation. Take a deep dive into the difference between Service Level Agreements and Experience Level Agreements and why the enhanced visibility is crucial to best meet your current business needs.

  • How Active Directory Recovery Strengthens Cyber Resilience

    For organizations that rely on Microsoft to manage their data and communications, Active Directory (AD) serves as a doorway to their digital functions and services. It’s the primary mechanism for authenticating users and enabling access to databases, files, applications, computers and other endpoints. When a crisis strikes — whether a cyberattack or a natural disaster — nothing can be recovered until AD is up and running again. Constituents can’t conduct transactions, access websites or contact call centers. Employees, whether they’re remote or in office, can’t access the tools and information they need to perform their jobs.

  • Remote Work at Enterprise Scale: Strategies for Microsoft 365 Migration and Management

    When the pandemic hit, government IT departments scrambled to ensure employees had the tools they needed to work from home productively. While many organizations were already piloting cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, others had to pivot quickly to free, short-term trial versions. For many, Microsoft 365 has now settled at the center of their strategies. Learn best practices to get to the cloud and make the most of your investment.

  • 2021 Data Protection Trends

    2020 was a unique year that forever changed the IT landscape, creating new challenges for all. In the new Veeam report, more than 3,000 business and IT leaders across 28 countries were surveyed on their data management challenges and successes, including the impact 2020 had on IT. Download the 2021 Data Protection Trends report to learn about today’s data protection impact, costs and benefits with key insights from industry experts.

  • 2021 Data Protection Report

    3,000+ business and IT leaders were surveyed on data management challenges and successes, including the impact 2020 had on IT. Learn how business and IT leaders addressed these issues from shared insights.

  • Recon Research - Evaluation of BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

    Recon Research provides a step-by-step evaluation of BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams through a hands-on testing of a SIP/H/323 Cloud Video Interop solution.

  • 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cloud Video Interop Solution

    Looking to bring the power of Teams video meetings to your existing room system investments and worried about a long, expensive transition? Cloud Video Interop (CVI) might be the solution for you.

  • Top Seven Reports for Supporting a Growing Virtual Workforce

    IT environments are more dynamic than ever, and having more users working from home introduces new vulnerabilities. You undoubtedly want to take full advantage of the tools you already have to strengthen Office 365 security and compliance — but you probably just don’t have the time to go digging through them to find what you need.

  • M&A IT Integration Checklist: Active Directory

    Few IT professionals have much experience with hybrid Active Directory migration projects. That’s why we’ve developed a checklist to help you keep track of the big items you need to consider in your planning and to spur discussion. It will help drive your conversations about the business and help your team understand which items your team can gloss over versus which ones they really need to dig into.

  • Top 10 Active Directory Security Reports and Alerts You Need

    Check out this white paper to discover the top 10 reports and alerts you need to ensure the stability and security of your on-prem or hybrid Active Directory, and see how easily you can get them with Change Auditor.

  • Four Things to Know when Managing the Office 365 Remote Workforce

    If your organization is like most, you had to scramble to enable your suddenly remote workforce to be productive, and you turned to Microsoft Office 365. Now, with most enterprises expecting to maintain at least some remote work for the long term, it’s time to focus on broader concerns than just productivity, including strong Office 365 security and governance. In this ebook, you’ll learn about the four key areas you need to focus on to manage Office 365 effectively moving forward.