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Welcome to my new blog! As you may know, I write the monthly "Decision Maker" column for Redmond magazine. Much of that column's content is based upon my consulting and analysis experience. My main job at Concentrated Technology is to provide strategic consulting for our various business clients around the world; basically, that means I sit down with businesses, figure out what their challenges are, and help them decide which ones they can address – and how to do so. We also work with a variety of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to help them understand what the marketplace needs in terms of solutions, to properly focus their products features, and so on. All of that work generates a lot more information than I can include in a monthly column, so the folks at Redmond magazine and I decided to start this blog, where I can share information as I come across it.

This is not going to be news analysis -- I've heard over and over from my readers that they get more than enough of that in various places already. No, my goal here is to help you understand the industry's directions on a variety of subjects -- Microsoft's directions in particular. I'll show you where various ISVs are going with their solutions, and help you see the gaps that exist in Microsoft's native product functionality. I'll share intelligence on what other organizations like yours are doing to solve their day-to-day IT challenges, so that you can get a feel for what's emerging as "best practices" within our industry.

I hope you'll find it useful, and I hope -- from time to time -- that you'll take a moment to share your own experiences. Drop a comment at the end of an article, or contact me directly (use the form at to do so). I may even contact you for more details on what you and your organization are up to from an IT perspective, and if you're interested in being part of one of our focus groups or surveys, definitely let me know.

Let's get started.

Posted by Don Jones on 04/10/2011 at 1:14 PM


  • SameSite Cookie Changes Rolled Back Until Summer

    The Chromium Project announced on Friday that it's delaying enforcement of SameSite cookie changes, and is temporarily rolling back those changes, because of the COVID-19 turmoil.

  • Basic Authentication Extended to 2H 2021 for Exchange Online Users

    Microsoft is now planning to disable Basic Authentication use with its Exchange Online service sometime in the "second half of 2021," according to a Friday announcement.

  • Microsoft Offers Endpoint Configuration Manager Advice for Keeping Remote Clients Patched

    Microsoft this week offered advice for organizations using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager with remote Windows systems that need to get patched, and it also announced Update 2002.

  • Azure Edge Zones Hit Preview

    Azure Edge Zones, a new edge computing technology from Microsoft designed to enable new scenarios for developers and partners, emerged as a preview release this week.

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