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IT Needs More Schooling

According to a recent IT Decision Maker blog post by Don Jones, you and your team are lacking some basic skills.

Now before you send the strongly worded letters to Don (you can contact him here), he's not the one that is saying your IT skills aren't up to par. That assessment is coming straight from you.

A little less than half of your IT team doesn't have the basics down for needed skills like network troubleshooting and AD, according to a reader poll he conducted. And this is a problem when 90 percent of those polled said the team would work more efficiently if everyone grasped the basics (why isn't this 100 percent?).

Where's the problem coming from? Don says this lies with the nature of cert exams. Most only teach and test on the newest components of a particular software or skill. The basics are completely glossed over.

How's your basic IT IQ? What important skills are missing from your team? Let Doug know at [email protected]
-- By Chris Paoli

Posted by Chris Paoli on 03/05/2012 at 1:19 PM


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