Microsoft Issues ASP.NET Glitch Fix

Microsoft has released a public hotfix patch to address a number of ASP.NET 2.0 compilation issues, according to Microsoft Developer Division General Manager Scott Guthrie.

Writing on his blog April 11, Guthrie said the bugs occur for a number of reasons, "but the root cause usually is related to having projects structured with particular cross page circular dependencies, and they are often triggered when massive file changes occurs on the system."

One such instance could be when an anti-virus program simultaneously updates all timestamps on files, Guthrie writes.

Developers probably shouldn't download the hotfix if they haven't run into these problems, according to Guthrie's post. "I always recommend against doing this -- since QFE [quick-fix engineering] hotfixes go through targeted testing (to verify a specific issue is fixed), and don't go through a complete product end to end sign-off," he wrote. "As such, I'd recommend only applying one if you are running into the specific issue it targets above."

Also in the post, Guthrie walks readers through workaround processes for addressing the compilation problems.

Guthrie's post on the hotfix, which includes a direct download link, can be accessed here.


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