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Expert Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Environments

Multicloud is no longer a matter of “if”, it is a matter of “when” and “how”. But how will organizations operationalize and manage Multicloud? In this session, we share best practices and lessons learned from the trenches to help you successfully adopt Multicloud.

Enterprise Multi-Cloud Management Best Practices Summit

Attend this half-day virtual summit to learn what you need to know now about performance and best practices for getting Azure, AWS and GCP to work better together. As always, our summit session content is from the editors of Redmondmag, plus independent experts who offer real-world insight and advice that attendees can use right away!

Avoid Hybrid Active Directory Outages: Unifying Change Monitoring and Recovery Across On-Premises and Cloud Platforms

To stay on top of rising threats, IT professionals must identify unwanted changes and vulnerabilities across critical Microsoft platforms. Watch now to learn more about the importance of change monitoring in defensive AD security strategies.

Cloud Data Protection 101 Summit

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review and Redmondmag.com along with independent data and infosec experts who do this work day-in and day out who will walk you through all the modern tips, tricks and best practices you need to know to truly keep your data secure, no matter your cloud setup.

Cloud Data Security Basics

In this session, you will learn about the basics of protecting your data while gaining the flexibility and speed that the cloud delivers. Learn more!

Cloud Architecture & Cloud Data Security: Top Dos and Don'ts

In this session you will learn about patterns and practices for network security, protecting those pesky storage accounts, and how to plan for effective and secure access for your company and even for third parties who may need to access your data. Learn more!

Coffee Talk: Remote Workforce Security & Best Practices

Time to stop thinking WFH. When people work remotely, they may not be home. Your remote work policies and procedures must include public places too. Join Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen for a hot cup of info and insight about keeping everyone and everything secure and productive from afar!

Active Directory Migration: Go Native or Not

You can’t always predict when you’re about to face a sizable migration. Maybe a merger, acquisition, or divestiture came your way and you got the exciting news that you have a migration in your near future! When you have an Active Directory consolidation looming, how do you know whether Microsoft native tools can do the job, or whether you should consider a tool that’s more tailored for the job? This on demand webcast will help you identify some of the pros and cons you should take into consideration as you make the decision to go native or not.

Simplifying Microsoft 365 Tenant Migrations

The pandemic has created opportunity for plenty of M&A/Divestiture activity. This effectively results in lots of new tenant migration/consolidation projects to ensure users can be productive in their new organization. But M&A activity-based migrations often come with tight deadlines that IT must hit. And to make matters worse, the native tools available for tenant migration are extremely limited, making it difficult for IT teams, and impacting M&A plans and timelines. So, how can you simplify tenant migrations to align IT outcomes with business requirements?

VDI & EUC Best Practices in the New Remote Landscape

Over the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented adoption of remote work. With this in mind, now is a great time to reflect on what we have learned during this time about rapid, large-scale deployments of VDI environments and the best practices around it. People who are new to, or are investigating, VDI will gain insights into how to make their transition from physical to virtual desktops smoother while those who already have a VDI environment in place will pick up tips to help optimize it and provide a better experience for their users.

Best Practices for Enterprise VDI & End User Computing Summit

The editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review and Redmondmag.com as well as independent experts who will take a deep-dive into the current status of end user computing technology, review best practices for securing your remote workforce and share real-world knowledge for configuring, maintaining and improving your VDI and other end user computing technology. You won't want to miss it!

Reinvent the Workplace with End User Computing

It may not be clear exactly what the “next normal” looks like for your organization, but with renewed focus on transformation for nearly every business there is opportunity to rebuild and gain a competitive advantage. Join Harsha Kotikela of Nutanix as he discusses how to implement EUC in the modern era and avoid the mis-steps of the past and how a Citrix on Nutanix solution can help you.

Enhancing Digital Operations through AIOps

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI), primarily in the form of machine learning, has brought opportunities and challenges to the enterprise. In this Tech Talk technology journalist John K. Waters talks about AIOps with Prashant Darisi, General Manager and Vice President of Customer Experience Management in the Global Solutions group at Everbridge, and Rob Jahn, Sr. Technical Partner Manager at Dynatrace.

How Dedicated Active Directory Backup Simplifies Ransomware Recovery

Active Directory enables businesses to securely grant or restrict access to systems, applications, and environments. It’s also becoming a primary target for ransomware attacks, as bad actors exploit misconfigurations and blind entry points to penetrate, corrupt, and control applications and their data. In this webinar, we’ll explore how dedicated Active Directory Backup mitigates silent cybersecurity threats and simplifies restore operations to get your business back online.

Recovering from Ransomware with Zerto

Expect to learn how the Zerto architectures use continuous data protection, our unique journal, and immutable offsite copies to neutralize a ransomware infection.