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Microsoft Teams Security & Recovery Best Practices

Since the onset of the pandemic over two years ago, Microsoft Teams has become one of the world’s most indispensable applications. This session discusses various Microsoft best practices as they relate to Teams security, data protection, and recovery.

How to Easily Backup and Recover SAP HANA Environments in Azure

Today, many customers are choosing to run their production SAP infrastructure in Microsoft Azure to optimize costs, increase agility and take advantage of the many Azure native services. Join our industry experts as they discuss the latest tips and tricks for protecting SAP HANA in Microsoft Azure.

Coffee Talk: Why Hybrid Cloud and Why Now?

Competitiveness requires agility, the ability to pivot instantly and effortlessly whenever business opportunity presents itself. Nothing supports agility better than hybrid environments. In this Coffee Talk session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen discusses what a natural development hybrid cloud solutions really are, and how to strategically design best solutions with logical combinations.

What's NEW in Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v6

Now the #1 provider of Microsoft 365 backup has added more control and effortless recovery in NEW Veeam® Backup for Microsoft 365 v6!

Zero Trust 101 Summit

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review and Redmondmag.com for this free, half-day virtual summit bringing together independent experts who will walk you through what zero trust is and the best ways to implement it in your enterprise.

Hybrid Cloud Data Backup & Recovery Summit

With all the threats attacking your hybrid cloud infrastructure, you know how important reliable data backup and disaster recovery is -- and with the shared responsibility model, it's really up to you to make sure you can get things right (and quickly!) Join the editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud Review and AWSInsider.net for this free half-day summit along with independent experts who will help get you up to speed with real-world best practices for hybrid cloud enterprise backup and disaster recovery in 2022 and beyond.

Expert Hands-On Disaster Recovery Best Practices for Hybrid Infrastructures

Disasters take many forms when they strike IT systems. Are you ready to spring into action with a concise plan, restoring your company's systems quickly and safely? Join this session to learn DR best practices proven in the field by seasoned IT veterans. Understanding what works and what doesn’t could make all the difference when disaster strikes, and time is of the essence.

Top Infrastructure Tips for Hybrid Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Data

In this session, you will learn about the types of disaster recovery options that are available, how they protect your data, and some strategies for providing good data protection at several different price points.

Ransomware Recovery Best Practices

Ransomware should not stop your backup or restore capabilities when you need it most. Join our webcast to learn more about the latest research on ransomware's impact on IT environments, how to use the Veeam 3-2-1-1-0 rule, and a demo of Veeam's powerful capabilities.

Modern Hybrid Cloud Security Summit

The editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud Review, and AWSInsider.net have brought together independent security experts for this free, half-day summit that will walk you through the security threats you can expect to face in the new year plus the real-world best practice advice you can implement right way. Don't miss out!

Build Your Cloud Business Case Backed by Data Insights

Running your workload in the cloud provides an opportunity to take advantage of new technical and financial opportunities. When considering a cloud migration and building a cloud business case, it is important to understand the vast number of options that are available for you. It is also critical to find effective solutions to manage and optimize your cloud spend once you are in the cloud. View this on-demand session to learn how cloud economics and FinOps can help you understand the opportunities the cloud provides and mechanisms to manage spend in a new environment.

What is Your 12-Month ITAM Roadmap? Building Your Program Around SaaS and Cloud

The shift to SaaS and cloud technologies has been a top discussion in ITAM circles for years. In 2022, ITAM teams without a plan to manage SaaS or cloud within their program will get left behind and miss delivering significant value to their organization. A new approach is needed in ITAM to get more teams to manage SaaS and cloud technologies. So, what's the next step to preparing your organization?

Unintended Consequences of Transitioning to the Cloud

Organizations struggle to maximize the value of their IT investments. But surprisingly few CIOs are prepared for the optimization challenges magnified by hybrid IT as more software, SaaS, containers, and cloud are introduced into the environment. This on-demand session examines where the market is going (hint, subscription models are the future) and explore the impacts on the traditional roles of asset management, procurement, and cloud teams.

Is Your Zero Trust Evaluating the Right Identity?

Authentication, despite forming the basis of every security strategy, cannot be overlooked as a minor cog in the wheel. With hybrid model of working being the norm, it is imperative for authentication to be context-aware, and sensitive to all unique userrelated cases. Learn more!

Leveraging AIOps in your ITSM Operations

It’s been about five years since AIOps emerged as an identifiable enterprise practice, and yet this application of analytics and machine learning to big data to automate and improve IT operations is already a table stakes capability in a growing number of highly competitive markets. In this webcast, you’ll learn how AIOps-driven ITSM operations can enable DevOps teams to be more productive, align DevOps and Product teams for rapid innovation, and apply analytics for rapid iteration that drives better customer experiences.