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Hybrid Cloud Security in 2023 Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud Review and AWSInsider.net as they bring together independent experts to walk you through the top cloud security threats your Hybrid Cloud environment will face and what you can do to better secure it in the face of today's top threats (plus quickly and fully recover it should the worst happen). Learn more!

Ransomware Protection Backup Verification

Testing is a requirement to cyber‑insurance that many organizations struggle to meet on a regular basis. SureBackup® is the Veeam technology that allows you to run multiple tests on your backups to confirm the data is malware‑free and that the data can be recovered. The process can be as simple or in‑depth as you need. It can be run manually or be scheduled as part of your disaster recovery preparations.

Ransomware Protection Disaster Recovery

Automation and orchestration have become critical to cybersecurity defense and recovery. Cyber‑insurance policies require tested, well‑documented plans. Rapid, reliable recovery is an integral part of the overall cybersecurity incident‑response process and must be thoughtfully planned out — just like the rest of the security architecture. Automation allows testing to be done on a regular basis and alerts administrators to changes to the environment, such that data cannot be damaged during a cyberattack.

Ransomware Protection Secure Restore

Veeam was first to market with the Secure Restore capability, which scans machine data with existing anti‑malware software before restoring to a production environment. By using existing tools, Secure Restore reduces the complexity of the security stack and speeds the investigation process to ensure threats will not be re‑introduced to the network.

Learn How to Beat Ransomware with Trusted Backup

There is no bigger threat to the technology landscape than ransomware. In this session, our own Veeam expert will overview some key tips and tricks to survive your next ransomware incident. The reality is there are 2 types of people in this world: those who have fought ransomware and those who don’t yet fully understand the horrors of fighting modern ransomware. Whether the data sits on-premises in a data center, in Microsoft 365 or on an endpoint device, the ransomware threat landscape constantly expands to new places.

Why Rapid Recovery is Safer than Paying the Ransom

When ransomware hits, paying the ransom can be tempting, but it isn't the quick fix organizations are hoping for. Instead, according to IDC, enterprises should confidently focus their efforts — and precious time — on recovery without spending cycles deciding on whether to pay the cost of ransom.

1,000 Cyber Attacks: New Ransomware Trends Report Insights

There is no better teacher than one’s enemies and no better way to learn than by studying their attacks. Join us to hear the results of one of the largest independent research studies on ransomware preparedness and response, based on 1,000 unbiased organizations across nine countries around the world ― all of whom survived a cyber‑attack. Learn how those organizations persisted through ransomware events and how backup fits within their remediation strategies so you can improve your disaster recovery process.

Ransomware Protection Instant Recovery

Veeam has multiple recovery options which allow you to optimize your recovery processes, and quickly and simultaneously restore multiple machines. Granular options allow the recovery of a single file to applications, entire volumes or servers, reducing the costs of downtime and mitigating the risk associated with a cyber‑attack.

Ransomware Protection 3-2-1-1-0 Rule

The 3‑2‑1‑1‑0 Rule is a guiding principle to create air‑gapped, redundant and resilient data security programs that defeat ransomware. Air gaps work by storing data in isolated environments without online access. That way, there is zero possibility of data access or destruction.

Ransomware Protection Trusted Immutability

Immutability protects data from being deleted or modified, ensuring the data will be available after an incident. Having multiple layers of immutable storage based on your network design — both in the cloud or on premises — creates a redundancy and reduces risk of data loss by providing end‑to‑end protection of the data.

Ransomware: Secure Backup is your last line of Defense

Veeam® Software is secure by design. Having a reliable backup can be the difference between downtime, data loss and paying a costly ransom. Veeam Software includes instant recovery at scale in case of a massive outage. Plus, our software‑defined approach means there is no lock‑in into proprietary hardware and it works with your existing architecture, both on‑premises and in the cloud.

Coffee Talk: Containers, DevOps and Microservices in 2023

It’s called cloud-native because it’s the ideal architecture for cloud computing. Microservices packed in containers traverse the network at light speed, and the DevOps team has to keep the cycle of improvement going as fast as possible using Kubernetes and a host of other tools. 2023 will see enormous growth of this new way of creating success through software. You need to know how it works so you can keep up with it. Learn more!

Compliance and Data Protection

Compliance and regulatory mandates don’t make data protection easier, but they are a “must do” for every enterprise. From personal identifiable information to patient records, how you handle and manage backups and recovery of security-sensitive data can put your enterprise at risk. Thankfully, today’s modern data protection solutions can help. See how products, processes and people come together to keep you compliant with government, industry, and your enterprise’s expectation for well-managed compliance and control.

Key Considerations for Managing Massive Backups

The challenges and complexity of maintaining a “ready-to-recover” posture grow exponentially as the volume of data, the number of locations and numbers of workloads continue to skyrocket. Join two seasoned backup-and-recovery experts as they discuss solutions for managing backups at a massive scale and how you can deliver predicable, rapid recovery when things go wrong.

Enterprise Cybersecurity - The Business of Keeping Business Safe

In today’s high‑stakes world of enterprise data security, you need to think like a hacker and act like a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Join two seasoned security experts, who once stood on opposites sides of the data‑security wall, as they discuss the vital role of data protection in the battle against cyberthreats and the strategies you need to keep your data safe.