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Top Ransomware Attacks & Prevention Strategies Summit

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review for this free half-day summit that will bring together independent ransomware and cloud data security experts to give you real-world, practice advice, tips and best practices that will help you harden your infrastructure today for tomorrow. Don't miss out!

A Master Class on IT Security: Roger Grimes Teaches You Phishing Mitigation

Join Roger Grimes, KnowBe4’s Data-Driven Defense Evangelist where he’ll share a comprehensive strategy for phishing mitigation. With 30+ years experience as a computer security consultant, instructor, and award-winning author, Roger has dedicated his life to making sure you’re prepared to defend against ever-present IT security threats like phishing.

Building a Better Hybrid Cloud Operating Model for Effective App Delivery

In this Tech Talk, industry expert Paul Nicholson talks with veteran technology journalist John K. Waters about meeting this vexing challenge and the conversation will cover building a better hybrid cloud operating model. Learn more!

5 Considerations for Architecting Across Hybrid Cloud Environments

Join this session to learn different considerations on how to best keep large organizations aligned on a hybrid cloud strategy and best practices for working with multicloud environments.

Modern Application Architecture Best Practices Summit

Join this this free, half-day summit covering what's new in application architecture best practices and learn some real-word advice for implementing these best practices. Make sure you're caught up and your apps can be everything they should be -- sign up today!

Application Architecture Best Practices

In this session we’ll explore some of the available architectures and talk about how applying best practices in building software benefits everyone across the enterprise.

Modern Application Architecture: Top Dos, Don'ts and Gotchas

Please join us in this session as we discuss several best practices and patterns that will make your application ready for the cloud and ready for DevOps. We'll discuss CI/CD, Microservices, Security Vulnerability checks, and more!

AEC Data Insights

In Egnyte's 2022 Data Insights Report, we analyzed trends in data growth and usage across a broad selection of AEC customers who are storing, securing, and sharing petabytes of data on Egnyte's platform. Explore this on-demand webinar to hear AEC industry expert panelists discuss the results and provide insights on how the industry is adapting to the rapid digitization of its day-to-day operations.

Cyber Resiliency from Prevention to Recovery

Get key insights from Storagepipe on the benefits of a multi-layered Cybersecurity framework to protect cloud and hybrid IT environments for businesses of any size.

Taking a Zero Trust Approach: Key Takeaways from the DoD's Latest Roadmap

Join our webinar for an in-depth look at what this strategy entails and its key objectives. We'll also explore how you can create a Zero Trust environment in your organization to keep threats at bay.

Best Practices for Cloud Security with Microsoft Sentinel: Achieving Real-Time Event Monitoring, Triaging, and Incident Response

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges of continuous event monitoring, triaging, and incident response in the Microsoft Sentinel service offering. We will cover best practices for configuring Microsoft Sentinel services to exceed industry standards and provide strategies for 24/7 incident response services. Learn more!

Call for Backup: Governance, Ownership & Delivery of Business Resiliency in 2023 and Beyond

This webinar, replete with real life examples will identify why in 2023 and as part of a “Zero Trust” strategy to bring visibility, automation, and orchestration to business resiliency we need to look at the disaster recovery strategy. Well known CISO Ian Thornton-Trump CD from Cyjax UK Ltd, joins Aaron Newsome, Senior Solutions Architect from Quest Software to talk about the demand’s organizations place on backup, resiliency, and recovery capabilities in these turbulent physical and internet times.

Coffee Talk: Top E-mail Security Threats in 2023: What You Need To Know

Register for this Coffee Talk to learn the biggest threats hitting enterprises right now, the latest developments in AI-powered threat detection, and the steps you need to take to make sure your data is kept safe from attackers. Sign up today!

Coffee Talk: Why Unified Endpoint Management & Why Now

Cyjax’s CISO Ian Thornton-Trump CD will discuss the new sense of urgency due to a change in corporate attack surfaces and weaponization of exploitations by Threat Actors to take hold of devices and leverage them as initial access vectors and/or platforms for credential compromise. With the extraordinary diversity in the software supply chain providing the means to ensure your 3rd parties follow end-point protection polices has never been so important. This will be a rapid-fire Coffee talk on a topic which ranks high on enterprise risk and data protection efforts.

Modern Hybrid Cloud Security & Management Summit

Don't miss this free half-day summit, where the editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud review and AWSinsider.net will bring together independent cloud management and security experts that will cover modern best practices for managing and securing your modern hybrid cloud infrastructure in 2023.