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Cloud Infrastructure Summit: Public v. Private v. Hybrid

Join the editors of Redmondmag, Virtualization & Cloud Review and AWSInsider.net have created this free half-day summit to cover the latest on the key emerging differences of each major approach plus offer real-word advice from experts on getting more business value out of your architecture. Don't miss it!

Coffee Talk: What's Ahead for Azure in 2023

Join our experts as they through what you need to know about Azure heading into 2023, so you can take advantage of all the great features and not be caught off guard by any of the pitfalls. Don't miss it!

Cyber Compliance for Wealth Management: Who Owns It?

In this 30-minute session, we’ll discuss how traditional compliance and IT departments will have to work together to share responsibility for staying compliant and demonstrating compliance to regulators.

Addressing Today’s Collaborative Technology Realities in E-discovery Processes

E-discovery technologies and processes today remain hardwired for the ways that organizations communicated and collaborated 10+ years ago. As the lifeblood of communications moved towards Teams, Slack, WhatsApp/WeChat and Zoom, e-discovery teams have not yet fully responded. Join this 30-minute session for a discussion on how e-discovery and investigative work can catch up with how your business is getting work done today.

Voice: The Newest Frontier in Supervision

Join this 30-minute session to learn more about the evolving use of voice communications, how to stay ahead of regulatory requirements, how to adjust your supervision strategy to include voice, and why an “email-only” supervision strategy is incomplete.

Breakthroughs in Unified Communications

This 30-minute session will explore how regulated organizations are leveraging UCaaS platforms in groundbreaking ways to offer high-touch customer service, improve internal collaboration, and transform their workforce. It will also examine the compliance impact of UCaaS adoption in regulated industries.

Enterprise Windows Security Summit: Ransomware, MDR, Endpoint Protection, Zero Trust & More

The editors of Redmondmag.com have put together this exclusive summit featuring infosec experts, Microsoft MVPs and other independent experts to walk you through what the current threats are to your networks, the best practices you need to know about securing your enterprise Windows network plus the top-of-market third-party solutions that will help you achieve your security goals, from MDR to ransomware protection to endpoint protection to much more. Best of all, it's free. Join and learn more!

Windows Enterprise Security Best Practices

In this session you will learn the reasons why traditional approaches to security so often fail, how you should shift your thinking with regard to cybersecurity, and more!

Managing and Securing the User Identity Lifecycle with ADManager Plus

This webinar can help you deploy an effective identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that will improve your organization's security posture and also increase operational efficiency. Learn more!

Coffee Talk: Preparing for the Continuing Remote Workforce

In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen will explore what needs to be done to thoroughly prepare an organization for ongoing work-from-home. Learn more!

Ransomware & Cloud Data Protection Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud Review and AWSInsider.net for this half-day summit that will bring together independent ransomware and cloud data security experts to give you real-world, practical advice, tips and best practices that will help you harden your infrastructure today for tomorrow. Don't miss out!

Modern Cloud Data Protection Best Practices

In this session, you will hear from two industry experts on Modern Cloud Data Protection Strategies and Best Practices. This will give you the knowledge required to help improve your security posture in 2023 and beyond. Learn more!

Powerful Phone for Microsoft Teams

During this session, industry experts will share insights and guidance on how to support your hybrid workforce by through flexible telephony capabilities, empowering you to choose what's best for your organization. Don't miss it!

Unified Communications Outlook for 2023

Join Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen as he kicks off this exciting Summit. You think you know what’s possible with UCaaS? You may want to think again!!! Don't miss it!

Unified Communications in 2023 Summit

Top enterprise unified communications trends and best practices, including Microsoft Teams integration, heading into 2023, brought to you by the editors of Redmondmag.com.