Joey on SQL Server

A Deep Dive Inside Azure SQL Database, Part 2

In the second part of this series, Joey describes the methods that Microsoft uses to manage code rollouts, and how it detects hardware and software problems on Azure SQL.

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A Deep Dive Inside Azure SQL Database, Part 1

Microsoft promises 99.995 percent uptime for the Azure SQL platform, which is incredible. In the first of a two-part series, Joey takes an close look at the infrastructure that supports high availability in Azure database services.

Understanding Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server

First introduced in SQL Server 2012, columnstore indexes can give you major performance gains -- provided you have the right workloads. Here's how columnstore indexes work and what types of data work best with them.

IT Security Isn't Supposed To Be Easy

Joey explains why it's worth it to endure a little inconvenience for the long-term benefits of a password manager and multifactor authentication.


Getting Started with Dbatools for SQL Server

An open source project gives DBAs the ability to channel PowerShell for automating and scaling complex SQL Server tasks, starting with the most basic: database backups.

How To Be a Better DBA: 4 Strategies To Improve SQL Server Performance

There are plenty of ways to get the most out of SQL Server without just upgrading to the latest version. For database admins working with older (maybe much older) SQL Server systems, here are four ways to make life easier.

Ransomware: What It Means for Your Database Servers

Ransomware affects databases in very specific ways. Joey describes the mechanics of a SQL Server ransomware attack, what DBAs can do to protect their systems, and what security measures they should be advocating for.

SQL Server 2019 Licensing: How Much Does It Cost and What's Included?

Microsoft has clarified the more confusing elements of SQL Server licensing and extended major benefits to customers. The catch is that Software Assurance is required to take advantage of them.

SQL Server 2019 Is Here: A Roundup of Its Best Features

From Big Data clusters to faster database recovery, here are the biggest changes Microsoft has made to its new flagship database server.

The Microsoft Azure Data Platform Lineup: Key Technologies To Know

Microsoft's portfolio of PaaS databases has grown way beyond Azure SQL. Here are its most important cloud-based database services, and exactly how each one works differently from the other.

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End of Support: SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 Upgrade Options

It's not 2008 anymore. Joey details the ins and outs of upgrading these aging Microsoft servers, including licensing changes, support options and potential pitfalls.

How Microsoft Is Building the Biggest Cloud Database

Microsoft broke new ground in scalability when it launched Azure SQL Database Hyperscale. Here's what it took to make Microsoft's hyperscale vision work with the existing Azure infrastructure.