January 2006 - Microsoft's Small Business Specialist Designation: What's in It for You?

Plus: Accessing Microsoft's high-tech test beds; 5 keys to selling Microsoft in the enterprise; Linux vs. Microsoft; more


IT Weekly Roundup, Jan. 27

From the business wires this week: Windows/Mac inventory system, SQL Server tools and a developer contest.

IT Weekly Roundup, Jan. 20

From the business wires: SQL Server 2005-based e-learning solution provider gets Front Runner status, free CompTIA A+ study guides and more.

IT Weekly Roundup, Jan. 13

From the business wires: a tool pack for spotting security holes in software, a database query and reporting tool, and 10GbE Layer 4-7 switches.

MCT 2006 Fee Waived for New Enrollees

Microsoft to waive MCT program fees for new candidates who join prior to start of 2006 program.

A Peek Into the Sounds of Windows Vista

Microsoft looks to electronic musician Robert Fripp to create the sounds of the next Windows OS.

IT Weekly Roundup, Jan. 6

From the business wires: a Group Policy security extension, a load testing tool for Web apps, USB flash drives with LCD displays, and Windows Media Player 11.

Private Eyes

Microsoft leads an industry-wide struggle to balance customer privacy and business value.

I Spy

An industry alliance formally defines "spyware,"a move that should help companies combat insidious intrusions.

Open Warfare

Microsoft and Massachusetts continue sparring over file formats.

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