MCT 2006 Fee Waived for New Enrollees

Microsoft to waive MCT program fees for new candidates who join prior to start of 2006 program.

According to a recent MCP Flash, Microsoft is temporarily waiving the MCT 2006 program fee if new candidates apply for the MCT 2005 program from now until March 31, 2006. (Current MCPs do not qualify for this offer.)

The application date for the MCT 2006 calendar year will close during the month of April, and then reopened again on May 1.

The new application date was expected. In October last year, which was the traditional period Microsoft marked each year for MCTs to renew their status in the program, Microsoft's Ken Rosen announced the change via an e-mail to "October is a bad time to launch a program," he said, adding that "it requires us to gear up our field and get our partner's attention during summer holidays and back-to-school. So we moved it to April, where the 90-day run-up is free and clear of distractions."

Microsoft is making other changes to the MCT program during the 2006 calendar year, including waiving the minimum delivery requirements for MCTs who have been with the program at least five years, and reducing the minimum number of students that MCTs must deliver training to 15 per year. To find out more, go to

[This article was corrected from an earlier version. Thanks to Bob L. and Andy Barkl for alerting us. -- Editor]

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