March 2005 - Think Sun

With Microsoft animosity behind him, CEO Scott McNealy explains why Windows shops should consider his alternative desktip approach. Plus: We examine Microsoft's track record of broken promises; a look at 10 quality anti-spam options; and more.


Think Sun

With Microsoft animosity behind him, CEO Scott McNealy explains why Windows shops should consider his alternative desktop approach.

Stop Spam Now

These 10 anti-spam software solutions can help you stop spam in its tracks, restore lost productivity and save money and time.

Windows NT: Hard to Kill

Official Microsoft support is no more, but WCVB-TV's Rick Zach and lots of other users are sticking with their NT servers and piecing together support options.

Microsoft Math

As Longhorn looms, we examine Microsoft's track record in hitting product ship dates and offer advice for coping with the inevitable.

Dumb and Dumber

This veteran penetration tester has seen some stupid security lapses in his time. Here are six of the worst.

Product Reviews

Take Control

The Altiris Management Suites give you complete control over every aspect of your network operations.

Cut Your Losses

FirstDefense-ISR can be your first line of defense against disk failure and data loss.

Enter the Matrix

PolyServe's Matrix Server flexes its muscle when it comes to running fast, efficient server clusters.

Barney's Rubble

Blind (Ship) Dates

With ship dates becoming more important than ever thanks to Software Assurance, Doug urges Microsoft (once again) to rethink how it annouces future launches.

Beta Man

WUS Expands Patching Portfolio

With its public beta under way, WUS shows off more of its fine-tuned features.

Letters to Redmond

Readers Respond March 2005

Your take on Bad Product Names, SP2, our Redmond Report newsletter and more.

Mr. Script

Getting Creative with HTAs

Chris shows how you can take your HTAs one step further.

Security Advisor

Data at Rest Is a Sitting Duck

Recommendations for reducing risk to your stored data, whatever its form.


Things You Want To Tell Bill Gates

Yes, you ask for money (nice try), but also for better patching, MCP support and for the Microsoft founder to keep on keeping on.

Windows Insider

Smooth Deployment Wrinkles with ADS

Bill looks at the pros (lots) and cons (few) of Microsoft's Automated Deployment Services tool.


IT Weekly Roundup, April 1

From the business wires this week: a remote assistance tool for help desk professionals, anti-spam and anti-spyware solutions, and a Windows data recovery tool.

"Performance-Based" Exams Go Live

New simulation exams for MCP exams 70-290, 70-291, roll out of Redmond worldwide at select testing centers.

Free MCP Exam for Military Personnel

Microsoft partners up to offer free exam voucher to military personnel; limited time offer.

IT Weekly Roundup, March 26

From the business wires this week: remote access applications, a registry tool, and literature on SSL VPN and TCP/IP protocols.

Second-Shot for MBS Exams

Similar to MCP retake offer, Microsoft Business Solutions exam candidates can take advantage of test retakes until June 30.

IT Weekly Roundup, March 18

From the business wires this week: an anti-virus solution for schools, Web-based network reports and a tool to analyze Web page loading.

Microsoft Postpones Launch of Low-Cost Windows in India

Development snags delay the release of Windows XP Starter Edition.

Over the MCSE Hurdle

Are you an MCSA who needs help getting past the last few requirements for the MCSE? Get free help from Microsoft.

IT Weekly Roundup, March 11

From the business wires this week: .NET developer tools, a network monitor for terminal and Linux servers, and a PCI card that helps detect and prevent network intrusion.

Safety in New ISA Server 2004 Exam

New exam follows on heels of newest version of Microsoft's server for speedy, secure computing.

IT Weekly Roundup, March 4

From the business wires this week: the knighting of Bill Gates; security solutions to protect against malware, information leaks and phishing; and more.

Second Chance on Any MCP Exam

Microsoft revives second-chance offer for any exam taken worldwide. Limited time offer.

When Did You Say You Got Your MCSE?

Microsoft to roll out simulation questions on certification exams.

Small Business Center Expands Offerings

Microsoft adds more resources and tools to its site for small-business customers.

Exchange 12 To Ride a Faster JET

Microsoft is finally providing specifics on the next version of Exchange.

Office 365 Watch

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