March 2004 - Easy Storage: Windows-powered NAS in Action

Role-playing for security; delving deep inside the FRS; group policy strategy and tactics; and more.


File Replication Service: User-Friendly at Last

The File Replication Service (FRS) has a justifiably bad reputation for bugginess and indecipherable logs. But recent changes from Redmond make it worth another look.

Group Policy Strategy and Tactics

Group policy is constantly evolving and has new functionality within Windows Server 2003. Here’s some basic training on what it can do.

Bursting the Pop-Up Bubble

Two tools that stop popups dead in their tracks

The Project from Hell

Three continents, incompetent management and an impossible deadline is a case study in how to NOT do a major upgrade.

Tame Your Storage with NAS

Buying new servers and more direct-attached disks solves short-term storage issues but creates a bigger problem—the storage management nightmare. Network attached storage, which separates disks from servers, is one answer. We evaluate three top NAS solutions running Windows Storage Server.

Book Reviews

Doing Windows 2003 Right

Windows Server 2003: Best Practices for Deployment helps IT plan for the new operating system, lay the network groundwork and keep it all secure.

Product Reviews

No Holes Here

Firewall Analyzer knows what your firewalls are doing.

There’s a New (Web) Marshal in Town

NetIQ’s content tool keeps an eye on your Web surfers.

How Google Bursts the Pop-Up Bubble

Google's toolbar comes with a fairly effective pop-up killer—and it's free.

STOPZilla Bursts the Pop-Up Bubble

Stop popups dead in their tracks with this inexpensive but sanity-saving blocker.

From Cradle to Grave

NetInstall manages an application’s complete life cycle.

Boswell's Q&A

Managing User Profiles Your Way

Better methods for managing user profiles en masse. Plus, an SBS problem.

Managing User Profiles

A slap-dash solution for transferring profiles in toto. Anyone with a more elegant method?

In Through the Back Door

A routine audit of Active Directory permissions can expose this example back-ended breach.

A Server By Any Other Name

....hums along smoothly, if the PDC is migrated correctly in this reader's NT-to-Windows 2003 upgrade. The Exchange 5.5-to-Exchange 2003 migration may be a tad more problematic.

Call Me Certifiable

First National Bank of Bill

What business is Microsoft in, anyhow?

Certified Mail

Grabbing the Throttle; Tool Time; Attachment Security; and more

Editor's Desk

Window of Opportunity

Now is the time for those projects we've all been putting off.

Mr. Script

Password Currency

Why it's important for remote users to change passwords regularly.

Security Advisor

Divide and Conquer

Are you role-playing with your network? If not, you’re missing a powerful way to make it more secure.

Security Watch

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3...

Disaster recovery plans should be part of any testing plan.

Educational Opportunities

Security training, free for the asking.

Tips and Tricks

Giving Up Privilege

Learn how to properly manage admin accounts.

Windows Insider

Freeze Frame

Windows Server 2003’s Volume Shadow Copy Service can help you stop time. Here’s how to take full advantage of it.

Windows Tip Sheet

Disaster Recovery, or Just Disaster?

Simple IIS backup techniques

Double-Secret Forest Functional Level

New! Windows admin tips, tricks, and secrets. First up: migration via the "interim" forest functional level.


Fired Security Researcher Resurfaces

Security expert fired over controversial report that accused Microsoft of contributing to global insecurity now at Verdasys.

UPDATE: Help Desk Contest Winners

In honor of MCDST's release, winners of help desk heroism/horror submissions announced.

Project Management Experts Exam Now Live

Exam 70-281, released to general public March 2, tests project management skills.

Study: Training Leads to Promotion, Employee Retention

There's a bright future ahead for those taking training courses.

Anti-Spam Law Ineffective

Can Spam...Can't.

Linux Hits Microsoft Desktop

Conference news speaks of competing forces.

The Role of Government in IT Security

Special report, RSA Conference 2004: In a nutshell, panelists in IT governance discussion agree that government should play limited role, but they diverge on approaches.

Office 365 Watch

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