August 2004 - You Ask, Ballmer Answers

10 Questions for Microsoft's CEO. Plus: Readers review SMS 2003; a roundup of biometric security products; and a look at Exchange's new spam filter.


A Virtual Machine Primer

Virtual PC software can ease migration and give any robust machine multiple personalities. Here’s what you need to know to take full advantage.

Put Your Finger on Proper Security

A roundup of five biometric products that go the extra security mile—for when passwords alone aren't enough.

Hosted Exchange: Can it Work for You?

If you don't have the time, money or manpower to run your own messaging environment, it may be time to consider hosted Exchange.

Reviews Are in: SMS 2003 Is a Hit

Microsoft's latest version of Systems Management Server includes a bevy of new features that early users say save them time and money.

A Virtual Shootout

EMC's virtual machine software edges out Microsoft's in overall features.

Protection Through Isolation

This admin got a shock when he discovered that usernames and passwords for his new employer's sensitive documents were being sent in cleartext. Fortunately, he was able to see the forest for the trees.


MCT Rewards Saves Students 25 Percent on Exam Fees

Microsoft and Pearson Vue is lending some financial support to certification candidates in indirect ways, through the Second-Shot and MCT Rewards programs.

IT Weekly Roundup, August 20

From the business wires this week: Updated installation, compression tools, plus products that support new Sender ID specifications to battle phishing scams and spam.

TALK TO REDMOND MAGAZINE: Negotiating With Microsoft!

Your tips on how to save money on Microsoft software.

IT Weekly Roundup, August 12

From the business wires this week: Two companies put support behind Microsoft's Virtual Disk Service; high-availability tool and a slew of security tools get updated.

Orphanware: Stuck With It?

TALK TO REDMOND MAGAZINE: If you bet the farm -- or even just a bushel of beans -- on software from a vendor that later went belly-up, we want to hear about it.

Windows XP SP2 Now Available for Download

Microsoft provides guidance for those planning to roll out major Windows security update immediately.

IT Tools Roundup, August 6

From the business wires this week: extending USB devices; handheld wireless analyzer from Comarco; iSCCI-based SAN for small/medium businesses; PDF conversion tool.

New Exam Aimed at MSF 3.0 Experts

Microsoft exam targeting enterprise architects who use Microsoft Solutions Framework 3.0 slated for beta testing in September.

IT Weekly Roundup, July 31

From the business wires this week: event log auditors, voice and instant messaging tools, and more ways to fight spam, viruses and security loopholes.

A Trustworthy Response?

Everyone--Microsoft and its customers--needs to get more serious about the virus threat.

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