IT Weekly Roundup, August 20

From the business wires this week: Updated installation, compression tools, plus products that support new Sender ID specifications to battle phishing scams and spam.

From the business wire: Updated installation, compression tools, a slew of revamped security tools, plus products that support Sender ID specifications to battle phishing scams and spam.

Wise Solutions' Wise for Windows Installer 6.0 has been updated with integrated installation development in Visual Studio .NET's IDE; extended, automated support for authoring data-driven Web applications; team collaboration features; and support for .MSI 3.0, IIS 6.0, the .NET Framework, MTS/COM+ and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.

The newest versions of LiveTime Software's J2EE-based LiveTime Support Desk and LiveTime Help Desk are capable of scanning across multiple Active Directory domains to locate and gather data on users.

The newly released BigFix Enterprise Suite can be used to help with enterprise deployment of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Features: disabling Internet Explorer pop-up blocker; managing firewall settings; preventing automatic deployment of SP2 across the enterprise; and ensuring third-party anti-virus clients are running, current and unaffected by XP SP2.

Expect Panda Software to support Microsoft's Network Access Protection, an information access compliance technology, later this year among its antivirus software line: Panda BusinesSecure Antivirus, Panda EnterpriSecure Antivirus, and TruPrevent.

New in PKWARE's venerable PKZIP 8 compression utility: an enterprise-class SecureZIP for Windows that provides strong encryption and authentication and digital signature features. It uses BSAFE software from RSA Security.

VASCO Data Security International launched Digipass Host Authentication, an identity management add-on for preventing phishing scams. Digipass users send a time-based, one-time password to a host server. The host server responds with a time-based host authentication code, which, if it matches, indicates to the user that the site is genuine.

BMC Software announced SmartDBA Recovery Management, a policy-based database backup and recovery solution. Features include the ability to centrally monitor the backup and recovery health of multiple databases and customize those views, and a mechanism for setting limits to provide alerts when SLAs are not met.

Postini released a new version of its e-mail intrusion prevention system, Perimeter Manager 5.0, that now has expanded IP analysis and a reduction in false positives. Also new are an improved administrator interface and enhanced search functions, bulk change management, and quarantine management.

Vidius PortAuthority 3.0 has been upgrade with new third-party gateway interfaces, increased mail server and file server support and pattern recognition capabilities. Version 3 includes an automatic policy creation utilty and has the ability to quarantine messages violating those policies.

D-Link announced Wireless Pocket Router/AP for business travelers. The router is about the size of a PDA and can be powered over USB. It connects to any Ethernet or 802.11b/g network and has built-in firewall protection, with support for WPA-PSK and 64/128 WEP encryption. It'll retail for $99.99 when it ships in September.

Several companies have announced embedded support for Sender ID, an e-mail specification based on Microsoft's Caller ID for E-mail proposal and the Sender Policy Framework:

  • IronPort Systems' is integrating future support of Sender ID into its C-series email security appliances, the SenderBase e-mail traffic monitoring network and Bonded Sender Program, an e-mail accreditation service.
  • VeriSign will add it to its Email Security Service and will provide vendors of spam filtering solutions access to the company's Verified Domains List, which contains information about domains associated with sites that employ VeriSign's Secure Socket Layer certificates.

SecuGen released SNAP, the Secure Network Authentication Platform, client-server software that lets users log onto Windows networks via fingerprint recognition. It's composed of a SNAP Server component that provides network-wide authentication, and a SNAP Client that uses any SecuGen fingerprint peripheral. Authentication is based on technology developed by US Biometrics.

Red Earth Software says its Policy Patrol is the first commercial Exchange anti-spam add-on to provide support for Spam URL Realtime Block Lists, which are being used to check URLs within the body of a message. Version 3.5 comes in a Spam Filter edition and an Enterprise edition (anti-spam, content checking, attachment blocking, optionally anti-virus, more).

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