October 2002 - Tales From the Trenches

Active Directory replication; Wireless Access Points Roundup; Printer Magic; 70-305 Exam Reviewed; more.


Exchange 2000 Upgrade, Times Two

It took three separate attempts to finally upgrade my company to Exchange 2000—this after doing the upgrade in a lab environment and upgrading a pilot box with the IT department on it...

Troubleshooting Under Pressure

The root of your problems may lie in your event logs.

The Expiration Date That Did Us In

IT people move on; so, who's doing backups?

Wireless Meets Mother Nature

It’s important to remember that the answer’s not always in a book or taught in a class, as we found out when investigating a disrupted wireless link.

Printer Magic

You can do a lot with printers in Windows 2000. All it takes is a little sleight of hand.

Hard Drive Fall Down, Go Boom!

Further investigation of a hard drive failure revealed one tiny but important tip that now lets one company's e-mail server run problem-free.

Get Active Directory Replication Right!

There’s a method to the madness of Active Directory replication, but many of the concepts can be tough to decipher...

Tales from the Trenches

Much of the knowledge IT professionals gain won't be found in a book or taught in a class...

Wireless for the Workgroup

With today’s new features and improved defenses, you no longer have to choose between convenience and security when deploying an enterprise-level wireless network.

Book Reviews

Know What You're Getting Into

Offering more than just design basics, this book delves into the management of large-scale LANs.

The Art of Migration

Quick Look: A comprehensive must-have for Exchange admins.

Exam Reviews

70-305: Tangled Web

Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET has revolutionized the way we write Web applications. But does that ease of development necessarily mean a lack of complexity? Hardly, as this exam shows.

Product Reviews

Keeping an Eye on Your Servers

ELM Enterprise Manager is more than just a baby-sitter.

Central Management

Once installed, bvControl tames servers.

Domain Interrogation

DirectoryTroubleshooter can help you become one with AD.

Adding a Line of Defense

Flicks Titan shores up your IIS security

Keeping It Clean

PestPatrol is handy when normal virus protection isn’t enough.

Call Me Certifiable

Trust Us, We’re Microsoft

Have you read your EULAs lately?

Certified Mail

Certified Mail

Readers chime in on salary surveys; exam-testing skills; licensing; and exerting buying influence.

Editor's Desk

Power in the Details

How do you like our new look?

Mr. Script

Stopping Startups

When software clogs up your system tray, it's time to pull out this Roto-Rooter of a script.

Professionally Speaking

Nepotism Annoyance

Good communication with fellow employees is key to getting work done; in this situation, it's the key to remaining employed.

Security Advisor

Marble Drop

Securing your servers by using templates isn't child's play. In her second installment on this topic, Roberta finds a parallel to a game.

Windows Foundation

Minding the Store

As SAN and NAS storage drops in price, more companies are implementing them. What's your role in managing these devices?

Windows Insider

Mementos of Windows 2000

What would you need to know about Win2K if you were struck with reverse amnesia? Confused? Read on…


70-214, Implementing Security in Beta

One-week testing phase for MCSE elective exam starts today.

70-214, Implementing Security Gets Beta Tested Next Week

Registration for this MCSE elective exam already underway.

Beta Exam Update: 70-300, Analyzing Requirements in November

Microsoft sends out invitations to candidates for final MCSD.NET core requirement exam.

Microsoft Press Offers Exam Discount with New Training Kits

Purchase the second edition of selected Microsoft Press MCSA/MCSE-related exam prep materials and get a discount voucher for related exams at VUE.

Microsoft Outsources Development of MCP Exam

In a precedent-setting move, Microsoft has chosen an outside company, ACT, to develop an MCP exam.

Survey: Win2K is Most Well-Known Microsoft Product

Windows 2000 is now the Microsoft product on which MCPs have the greatest amount of knowledge, perhaps reflecting Win2K’s growing pervasiveness in the market.

Web Developer Exams Go Live

Later this week, Microsoft's training and skills assessment group will release two new exams to shore up the developer certification tracks.

Windows .NET Server RC2 Getting Close

Microsoft is due to get Release Candidate 2 of Windows .NET Server out the door this month.

October Beta Planned for Implementing Security Exam

Security exam to face scrutiny of beta testers Oct. 10-17.

Win2K SP3, XP SP1 Share Settlement Changes

Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 and Windows XP SP 1 share a key element—changes to comply with Microsoft’s antitrust settlement with the Department of Justice.

Office 365 Watch

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