March 2002 - Automate Your Administration

10 scripts to automate admin tasks. Plus: scripting tools; exercising your Active Directory database; BizTalk exam reviewed.


Automate Your Administration

Speed up and simplify your work by applying these 10 scripts to the job.

The TaeBo Workout for Your Active Directory Database

ntds.dit can quickly grow flabby if you don’t work it out regularly. Let NTDSUtil be your coach.

Be Prepared

Scout out potential trouble by listening to your servers’ sounds. The best plan, as always, is a current backup.

Your Brief Guide to Scripting Tools

Editors exist for all kinds of scripting needs—some free, some cheap, and some not-so-cheap. Use this guide to help you find the right product for your work.

Salary Surveys

Certified Mail: March 2002

The value of bootcamps; what MCPs wear; Microsoft's certification retirement policy.

Book Reviews

ASP.NET Crash Course

The shortest and most productive 24 hours of my life.

Quick Look: Run SQL Server at its Peak

Developers and administrators alike need this book.

Getting Certified on Exchange 2000

The book, despite some drawbacks, is still a useful exam-prep tool for experienced Exchange 5.5 administrators.

Ready for the Tough Stuff?

A review tool for one of the hard exams.

Exam Reviews

Getting Down to BizTalk

The world of EAI awaits you. Just enter the realm of HIPAA, RosettaNet, UDDI and document exchange, then prove yourself with this new exam.

Product Reviews

Clean Up Those Databases!

Customizable filtering from DataPipe

Recombinant Mind Maps

Kutchka Templating extends a brainstorming tool

.NET does Internet

IP*Works! relieves you from writing grungy code

Another Alternative for Pocket Data

abcDB packs punch in a small package

Best Practices for VBA Shops

Total Visual Code Tools makes it easier to write consistent code

Optimization the Smart Way

AQTime helps you target problem code

Your Brief Guide to Scripting Tools: Visual KiXtart Editor 3.0

Editors exist for all kinds of scripting needs—some free, some cheap, and some not-so-cheap. Use this guide to help you find the right product for your work.

WinProxy Delivers on Promises

Polka your way around the Internet.

Get to Know Those Nodes

LANutil Elite 5.1 is an efficient, effective hardware and software inventory program.

Storage Quota Management

Users can chew up disk space in seconds. Quota Server can deal with these space hungry people.

All-in-One MCSE Prep

CBT Vision helps you see the answers clearly.

Your Brief Guide to Scripting Tools: Primalscript

Editors exist for all kinds of scripting needs—some free, some cheap, and some not-so-cheap. Use this guide to help you find the right product for your work.

More Protection Than You Want

CheckIt Firewall locks down your computer so well that no traffic flows in or out!

ActiveManage Extends the Sysadmin's Reach

Keep your network running from anywhere.

Call Me Certifiable

Cowboys and Indians

Redmond’s not-so-secret plan to shoo those pesky Apaches away.

Drill Down

Microsoft Certification Public Newsgroups

Should you chase the rabbit down the newsgroup hole in pursuit of your certification?

Editor's Desk

A Tale of Two Guys

A common theme: What does my certification get me?

Professionally Speaking

Donning the Supervisory Cap

This month, Greg discusses the right (and wrong) way to be an effective supervisor.

Security Advisor

Get Ready for Your Audit

Time spent with network security auditors pointed out to Roberta the most common weaknesses in companies. How does yours stack up to her list?

Windows Foundation

Infrastructure Blues

Why's the network running so slow? Where's the bottleneck? Is it hardware, software or a user? You can find answers quickly if you know your network's infrastructure.

Windows Insider

EFS: Handle with Care

The Encrypting File System, while serving a need, can also cause big headaches—especially with the XP implementation. Here’s how to do it right.


MCSA Ranks Exceed 5,000 Charter Members

Microsoft to recognize early adopters with wallet card and special certificate.

Objectives Guides for .NET Exams Now Online

New exams guides for Microsoft's developer tracks now available; details beta dates.

Are You a Winner in Our MCSA Contest?

In a newsletter from Jan. 31, I announced a contest seeking early adopters of Microsoft's Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator title.

Closest on the Count

An MCP from India is the winner of our Count-the-MCSEs competition.

An Olympian IT Challenge

MCSE Scott Seppich expects long work days in February, having joined the SchlumbergerSema staff integrating the IT infrastructure for the Olympics.

Office 365 Watch

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