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Doug's Mailbag: Microsoft Playing Copycat?

Readers chime in on whether or not Microsoft's hardware push is an attempt to imitate Apple:

I think Microsoft is absolutely green with Apple envy and it is blinding them. Apple has always been a consumer products company while Microsoft has been focused on enterprise software. Trying to do better in the consumer market and compete with Apple is all well and good, but a lot of people are starting to feel with Windows 8 that this is a tablet OS that is being forced onto desktops and servers -- and it doesn't really fit. Apple products are nifty and look nice, but if they don't do what you want them to, you're out of luck. Microsoft's strength has always been the developer community and partners building an ecosystem around its enterprise offerings -- and it's been so successful in this market that it has become the only game in town for serious businesses. I would love to see Microsoft STOP TRYING TO BE APPLE.

I disagree here. Apple is closed software, closed hardware and we'll sue you out of existence if you mimic us. No, this is similar to what Google is doing with the Nexus line to give consumers a pure Android experience in a world of fragmented OEM UIs. Windows tablets made by OEMs are boring so Microsoft is offering consumers a more progressive vision. Microsoft is rumored to be considering this in phones but Nokia, Samsung and HTC finally appear to be pumping out flagship models so this may not be needed.

It's about time Microsoft started making PCs! Doug, you hit this right on the head about Apples successes. Controlling both the hardware and software is more of an advantage than most people realize. I hope Microsoft will take another leaf from Apple's book and spend tons of time tweaking firmware and drivers to make its devices snappy and responsive.

I am not sure how Microsoft is flattering Apple. Microsoft has made hardware for years but just not PCs. Actually, Microsoft and Apple don't really manufacture anything, they both are outsourcing the actual fabrication to Foxconn in China. I agree with your Xbox observation, it has and remains an excellent source of entertainment that continues to improve with age.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 10/17/2012 at 1:19 PM


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