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Why Don't I Just Draw You a Map

After nearly 37 years in business, Microsoft has amassed quite the array of products. As fast it kills one off, two more come in to take its place. For some, tracking Microsoft products is a hobby. For journalists, it can be a calling. For IT pros will volume licenses, especially Software Assurance (SA), it is a must.

That's because with SA you pay every year for the right to upgrade to the newest version. If an upgrade doesn't ship during the contract term, you pretty much paid for nothing. Knowing when something is liable to ship, and whether the software is compelling, can make the most of your software budget.

Gladys Rama, site editor of Redmond Channel Partner, whipped up another fine example for 2012. In it Gladys covers everything from Windows 8, expected later this year, to Office 15, due by Christmas. Other highlights: Windows Server 8 may be arriving late this year or early next, and SQL Server 2012 is projected for the first half of the year it's named after.

Posted by Doug Barney on 02/24/2012 at 1:19 PM


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