Windows Server 2019 Enabling Easy Azure VPN Connections

Microsoft is highlighting the ability to quickly set up connections to Azure virtual networks as a top Windows Server 2019 networking feature.

The capability lets IT pros "configure a point-to-site VPN connection between an on-premises Windows Server and an Azure Virtual Network" using a single click, according to Microsoft's announcement last week. It's a way of creating a secure connection with a client computer (PC or Mac) to support telecommuters, according to Microsoft's "Point-to-Site VPN" document. It enables remote connections to "any Azure resources in the Virtual Network."

The setup of point-to-site VPN connections is enabled by using an Azure Network Adapter network extension in Windows Admin Center, formerly known as "Project Honolulu." Windows Admin Center is a browser-based set of management and configuration tools that includes Server Manager and Microsoft Management Console functionalities. The Azure Network Adapter extension in Windows Admin Center "automates the configuration for the Azure Virtual Network gateway as well as the on-premises VPN client," Microsoft's announcement explained.

The new Windows Admin Center network extension eases networking and expertise burdens for organizations.

"Connecting these on-premises workloads to their Azure resources traditionally requires an Express Route, Site-to-Site VPN, or Point-to-Site VPN connection," Microsoft's announcement explained. "Each of these options require[s] multiple steps and expertise in both networking and certificate management, and in some cases, infrastructure setup and maintenance."

Microsoft expects to deliver the point-to-site VPN connection capability via the Windows Admin Center when it releases Windows Admin Center version 1809, which is expected to arrive sometime this month.

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