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Hacking the UFC President -- Bad Idea

I'd strongly advise not messing with someone like that.

If I was in the morally lacking career of criminal hacking, I would think twice before trying to go after the info of UFC owner Dana White. While I wouldn't be too concerned with him personally finding out whom I was using his impressive computer skills, I would be worried that he (or one of his many employees) eventually gets his hands on me.

Luckily for hacker JoshTheGod, the police got to him first after he attacked the Web site in protest in what he thought was Dana White's support for SOPA (on the record, White had said while the bill had some good intentions, the execution was all wrong).

JoshTheGod, who should now be called JoshTheIncarcerated, is currently being held in a triangle choke of justice for this Web site breach and being in possession of over 50,000 stolen credit cards.


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