Random IT Fun: Who We'd Cast for a Microsoft Movie

Sorkin and Fincher, we've cast your next project for you -- you're welcome.

Whether or not "The Social Network" wins big at this weekend's Oscar competition, we think the time is ripe for a Microsoft movie (one that goes beyond that "Pirates of Silicon Valley" flick from the early '90s).

We picked our favorites to play various tech lumunarious both within Redmond and those that have competed against them. Be sure to share who you'd like to see play these parts (and the ones we missed) in the comments!


Young Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder, Former CEO): Michael Cera or Rupert Grint

credit: Mutari

credit: John Griffiths

Older Bill Gates: Colin Firth

credit: Microsoft

credit: Nicogenin

Paul Allen (Microsoft Co-Founder): Zach Galifianakis

credit: Doug Wilson

credit: Cameron Parkins

Ed Roberts (Creator of Altair): Stephen Root

credit: Spencer Smith

credit: Matthew Wedgwood

Charles Simonyi (Early Microsoft Exec): Wil Wheaton

credit: Cameron Yee

Marc Andreessen (Netscape Founder): Ed Helms

credit: Brian Solis

credit: Kristin Dos Santos

Bill Neukom (Microsoft Attorney): John Slattery

credit: Romina Espinosa

Steve Jobs (Apple Co-Founder/CEO Apple): Daniel Day Lewis

credit: Matt Yohe

credit: Jurgen Fauth

Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder): Jack Black

credit: Al Luckow

credit: Romina Espinosa

Melinda Gates (Former Microsoft Employee/Bill Gates' Wife): Tracy Ullman

credit: Gates Foundation

credit: Alan Light

Jeff Raikes (Former Microsoft Exec): Jeff Bridges

credit: Gage Skidmore

Jim Allchin (Former Microsoft Exec): Ron Perlman

credit: PDC

credit: Gage Skidmore

Ray Ozzie (Former Microsoft Exec): Ted Danson

credit: Microsoft

credit: Rob Dicaterino

Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO): Terry Bradshaw

credit: Microsoft

Craig Mundie (Head of Microsoft Research): Colm Feore

credit: Microsoft

credit: Robin Wong

Paul Maritz (VMware CEO): Mark Ruffalo

credit: VMWare

credit: GDC Graphics

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