VMware To Ship Lab Manager

VMware announced it will ship VMware Lab Manager on Friday.

The product, which is targeted at enterprise software development organizations, aims to more efficiently take advantage of software development and test lab assets, accelerate software development cycles and increase the quality of delivered software products, according to company statements.

Lab Manager is designed to provide IT shops with "closed-loop" defect reporting, troubleshooting and resolution. It uses a shared pool of server, networking and other software lab resources and allocates them to teams on an as-needed basis. Additionally, Lab Manager eliminates manual system setup and provisioning tasks.

According to VMware, It takes snapshots of complex multi-machine configurations, captures them to a shared library and assigns them a LiveLink URL that quality assurance engineers can flag and enter into a bug report. A developer then can click on the LiveLink URL to access the multi-machine environment in order to fix the bug.

VMware Lab Manager Server will start at $15,000 and list prices for VMware Lab Manager bundled with VMware Infrastructure 3 will start at $35,000.

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