IT Weekly Roundup, Oct. 14

From the business wires this week: a patch management system, a software licensing solution and remote access software for help desk technicians.

Altiris announced the release of the latest version of its Wise Package Studio patch management system. Version 6.0 offers a new Web-based installation capture tool that saves time and effort by eliminating the need to pre-install software packaging software. Other new features include a revision control system that helps prevent users from making conflicting changes to packages and allows users to rollback to a prior version of a package; support for server-side processing and task management; and enhanced conflict management capabilities. Priced at $4,559 per seat.

Macrovision Corp. released FLEXnet Publisher 11, the latest version of the company’s software licensing solution. FLEXnet Publisher gives software and hardware manufacturers the ability to easily automate, customize and manage pricing, licensing, packaging and protection of their software products. Macrovision also released FLEXnet AdminStudio 7, software for managing the application packaging process. New features include integrated patch impact analysis, centralized resource management of all application files and metadata, and LDAP authentication.

DataCore Software announced an update to SANmelody 2.0, which includes new Volume Shadow Copy Services support for SQL Server, Exchange 2003 and Windows 2003 file systems, plus an extensive set of Application Support Storage Services, which expand on the suite’s SAN and disk management capabilities for iSCSI IP SAN users. Also included are iSCSI support for Microsoft clusters, virtual servers and blade servers, and performance acceleration for disks served to NAS engines (e.g., Windows Storage Server NAS).

Vector Networks Inc. released PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control v9.10. The software solution provides help desk technicians with remote computer access to any desktop PC via LAN, WAN or Internet, now with increased compatibility with IP-based networks, including new gateway support for proxy servers, which allows access to networks that lack a domain name server or transparent firewall. Other features include advanced IP browsing functions such as the ability to use a greater number of broadcast addresses, IP addresses or port numbers. The Active Directory Client Configuration Template has been updated to include new remote computer access options such as new gateway default port number, proxy server support and DVD playback options.

PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control v9.10
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PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control v9.10

JetBrains released JetBrains dotTrace, a developer’s tool for profiling .NET and ASP.NET applications and identifying performance bottlenecks. dotTrace offers both predefined and customizable function filters and the ability to view export to a text or XML file. dotTrace runs Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server with .NET Framework 1.1/2.0 Beta 2, and is priced at $249 per license.

CenturionSoft released CenturionMail 3.02, a program for securing e-mail as well as files and folders with 256-bit AES encryption. The new version increases the size allowed for encrypted files or e-mails.

Veridicom International Inc. released the latest version of VPAS, its authentication software suite. New features include the ability to share access to encrypted files between multiple users and a unique secure storage system for personal information accessible via an enrolled fingerprint.

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