MCT Program Re-Up Moved to April 2006

One other change: MCTs with tenure excused from meeting minimum training delivery requirements.

Microsoft adds new members to its Microsoft Certified Trainer program year round, but October for years has traditionally marked that time of year when current MCTs have to get their paperwork straight in order to meet the deadline for renewing their titles. This year, Microsoft has changed the program deadline to April 2006, citing some fairly practical reasons for move.

"October is a bad time to launch a program," says Ken Rosen, senior marketing manager of Microsoft’s MCT, via an e-mail inquiry. "It requires us to gear up our field and get our partner's attention during summer holidays and back-to-school. So we moved it to April, where the 90-day run-up is free and clear of distractions."

Rosen says that another change was introduced at the same time: MCTs who have been with the program at least five years are waived from meeting the minimum delivery requirement. MCTs with less than five years in the program must deliver training using official Microsoft Learning products to a minimum of 15 students per year to be able to maintain their certification status.

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