IT Weekly Roundup, Sept. 2

From the business wires: a firewall that IDs hackers, a GUI command line console and more.

A new firewall called GateSweeper not only defends against cyber attacks but also collects information about the hackers behind them through a rule-based program module that redirects them to GateSweeper’s HoneyPot, which is an isolated server at the company’s Command and Control Center. Once information like the hacker’s IP address is collected, it is then handed over to the ISP and proper authorities.

MobileDataforce released PointSync 2.0 for Windows CE.NET, software for building and deploying mobile applications on industrial-grade Pocket PC and Win CE.NET mobile devices.

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Save yourself keystrokes with PromptPal's easy-to-use console for Windows commands.

Technology Lighthouse released PromptPal, a GUI console for Microsoft’s Windows command line tool. PromptPal gives users Windows-style editing via drag-and-drop and standard keyboard shortcuts to execute more than 140 standard commands. Other features include an optional band that is situated in the Windows Task Bar and integration with the Windows shell. Supports Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server.

GigaTrust announced it will add read support for Windows RMS-protected e-mail on Blackberry devices via its GigaTrust Blackberry solution. The solution will be available to customers of GigaTrust Enterprise Software.

Singlestep Unity 2.5
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Track events across your network with Singlestep Unity 2.5.

Singlestep Technologies released Singlestep Unity 2.5, a solution for integrating, automating and visualizing IT infrastructure from a centralized console. Unity 2.5 can transform raw event data and metrics through its object-oriented policies across a range of network management systems.

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