Certiport Announces World Champions of Office Competition

This year’s winners in Microsoft Excel and Word Specialist exams hail from Switzerland and England.

Training provider Certiport announced Wednesday this year’s world champions of the annual Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office at its Pathways conference in Orlando, Fla. Among the 36 country winners who participated in the world championship, Remy Bucheler, 20, from Geneva, Switzerland, and Irfan Mistry, 15, from London, England, were the top winners in Microsoft Excel and Word, respectively.

“Receiving this award is exciting after a long journey to prepare myself for certification,” said Bucheler. “I set a goal to go as far as I could in this competition and feel great about the result.”

“Winning this competition in Microsoft Office Specialist certification is a great honor,” said Mistry. “I worked hard to gain this credential because it will help me be successful. The fact that I won the competition is a further bonus.”

Bucheler is currently a student at the University of Geneva studying business administration and previously earned the Certiport Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) credential. Mistry attends Watford Grammar school in London and starts the 11th grade in September.

“We congratulate Remy and Irfan as the world champions and all the country champions in this year’s competition,” said David Saedi, president and CEO of Certiport. “The investment of time and effort by these students is evidence of tremendous focus and determination. These champions will find long-term success that comes with Microsoft Office Specialist certification and improved skills needed for career success.”

This year’s winners received a prize package from Microsoft worth more than $4,000. It includes a Dell laptop computer, HP iPAQ personal digital assistant, Samsung portable media center and a Microsoft Xbox game system.

For more information about the 2005 Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office, go here. To read our earlier story on the two U.S finalists, go here.

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