IT Weekly Roundup, August 12

From the business wires this week:

Sunbelt Software issued a security fix for a newly identified spyware keylogger uncovered by the security solution provider. The spyware keylogger, named Srv.SSA-KeyLogger, is a backdoor program that, among other things, secretly steals data from users’ internet sessions, including logins and passwords. To protect users from this harmful keylogger, new definitions are being added for the company’s CounterSpy and CounterSpy Enterprise antispyware products.

Cristalink Limited announced the release of Firestreamer-RM (Removable Media) 2.0, server-grade backup software for Microsoft Windows systems. Firestreamer-RM emulates a virtual tape drive and integrates with Microsoft Removable Storage, allowing the use of the Microsoft Backup Utility (NTBackup) and Microsoft SQL Server Backup (SQLBackup) with a wide range of backup media, extending the software’s native capabilities with data compression and encryption, media and drive spanning, support for remote drives and integration with Windows Automated System Recovery. Firestreamer-RM runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server, and is compatible with Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 and 2003. Priced at $30 per computer license.

Total Phase Beagle USB Protocol Analyzer 1.0
Watch USB packets travel in real time with the Beagle USB Protocol Analyzer 1.0.
Total Phase announced the release of its Beagle USB Protocol Analyzer 1.0. The low-cost, non-intrusive full/low-speed USB protocol analyzer enables developers to observe USB-bus transactions in real-time with bit-level timing information at 21-nanosecond resolution. Priced at $400 per unit.

Win.rar GmbH and released the latest version of its file-compression utility WinRAR. With version 3.5, users can customize the software’s interface with different themes; among other new features are Windows x64 shell integration, options for customizing SFX archives, enhanced security, and support for Zip64 files.

Ashanti Spyware Defense
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Schedule searches for spyware across your network with Spyware Defense from Ashanti PLC Ltd.

Ashanti PLC Ltd. released its Spyware Defense antispyware solution, which provides real-time elimination of spyware upon detection, user control over what programs are eliminated and what are kept, and centralized management features within a LAN environment for large-scale enterprise protection. Its centralized LAN features include domain-wide client installation, remote client execution, remote client signature updates and scheduled automatic remote client spyware scanning and removal.

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