IT Weekly Roundup, July 15

From the business wires this week: authentication solutions, search appliances, an enterprise-level file exchange program and a plug-in for encrypting backed-up data.

Vasco Data Security announced the release of its Digipass Plug-In for Microsoft Internet Authentication Server (IAS). With the Digipass Plug-In for Microsoft IAS, existing and new Microsoft IAS customers can upgrade their remote access to the internal network from a simple static password to the more secure Digipass Two-Factor Authentication. The add-on features native integration with Active Directory, administration in Microsoft Management Console, policy-driven authentication and support for most authentication protocols.

PassMark Security announced Tuesday that its Two-Factor Two-Way Authentication System is now available to financial institutions on Microsoft Windows server platforms. The PassMark System protects users from online fraud and identity theft caused by phishing, keylogging, man-in-the-middle and other attacks. The system provides secure two-factor authentication and anti-fraud filtering without requiring that any new hardware or software be distributed to the end user.

Raak Technologies and Open Domain Sphinx Solutions announced Monday that they have partnered to offer a comprehensive card-enabled logon solution which incorporates a built-in PKI card interface. The effort will bring together Sphinx Logon Manager software, produced by Open Domain Sphinx Solutions, and Raak Technologies’ RaakSign public key middleware solution. LLC announced a major update to its line of EnterFind Search Appliances with expanded capabilities to index and search content originated on network file shares, enterprise SQL databases, intranet and Internet Web and FTP sites. Via a customizable Web console, users can search for text in various popular file formats such as Microsoft Office files, Adobe PDF documents and AutoCAD drawing files.

SoftLink released B-Hub v1.1, its enterprise-grade file exchange solution. With B-Hub, organizations can exchange files of unlimited size between Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms as well as mainframes securely with External Access Module (EXAM) and support for SSL encryption, shared secrets, smart cards and hardware tokens.

SoftLink B-Hub Manager
[Click on image for larger view.]
Transfer files via a variety of protocols with SoftLink B-Hub Manager.

BakBone Software released NetVault Encryption Application Plug-in Module which adds easy-to-use encryption functionality to an organization’s existing backup and recovery operations. The software plug-in does not require additional hardware and encrypts data at its source (e.g., database, file server or desktop) using the CAST 128 encryption algorithm. Priced at $195 per server.

Tenrox released Release 8.5, which incorporates several new features such as Tenrox Document Management (DM), a centralized, indexed and audited repository for document collaboration powered by Microsoft SharePoint; tighter integration with Microsoft Project; support for Microsoft SQL Reporting Services; and compliance with Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, among other new additions.

Axiom released version 3.8 of its Microsoft Office Importer utility program for importing large amounts of spreadsheet and word-processing data into the company’s MicroStation software solutions for computer-aided design.

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