IT Weekly Roundup, June 24

From the business wires this week: a Cisco VPN client for mobile devices, Windows-to-Mac porting software and a USB authentication token.

Apani Networks released new Cisco VPN clients for several popular mobile computing devices. The Windows Mobile 2003 VPN Client for Cisco VPN 3000 series allows secure 802.11 and GRPS connections to the Cisco 3000 VPN Gateway from mobile devices such as the Dell Axim, HP iPaq and Siemen's mobile devices that use Microsoft Windows operating systems. The supported Microsoft systems include Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition, and Windows Mobile 2003 SE operating systems. Priced at $50 per client.

CrossWeavers, Inc. announced its software porting solutions will now include support for Windows-to-Macintosh application porting, made possible by Apple Computers’ move to Intel chips. The company is known for its CrossOver and CrossOver Office products which enable Windows apps to run natively on Linux.

Draconis Software released version 2.0 of its RSP server monitoring and analysis software package. The latest version features a re-designed interface, built-in knowledge database, remote agent configuration and incident tracking, and encrypted communications.

Corriente Networks released Elektron Enterprise Edition, the enterprise-targeted version of its software for securing Wi-Fi networks. Elektron Enterprise Edition provides RADIUS authentication services to WPA Enterprise-capable wireless access points. When deployed on Windows, the software supports user authentication via Active Directory accounts. Priced at $749.99 for Windows 2000/XP/2003.

Corriente Elektron Enterprise Edition
[Click on image for larger view.]
Configure advanced networking options like IPv6 support and server UDP ports on Elektron Enterprise Edition.

Tenrox announced the release of its Tenrox Document Management (Tenrox DM) SharePoint document management software. Built on the Microsoft Office SharePoint products and technologies platform, Tenrox DM enables users to create, manage, view and edit SharePoint and version-controlled documents directly inside the Tenrox Web interface. Tenrox DM will be available as part of the Tenrox 8.5 release which is scheduled for mid July 2005. released version 3.0 of its Able2Extract PDF Converter offers better Microsoft Excel and Word conversions.

RSA SecurID SID800
Protect yourself against snoops with RSA SecurID SID800 USB token's range of authentication credentials.

RSA Security, Inc. released its new USB-enabled RSA SecurID SID800 two-factor authentication token, which enables customers to manage a broad range of authentication credentials, including one-time passwords, digital certificates and static passwords. The token's 64KB smart chip is capable of storing up to seven digital certificates and three sets of password credentials, which can be used to log on to a Microsoft Windows operating system.

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