IT Weekly Roundup, June 3

From the business wires this week: software for keeping an eye on where and what your users are going and doing on their computers.

NetSweeper, Inc. announced the release of its Web-filtering solution Enhanced Security Suite (ESS). Targeted for Internet service providers (ISPs), ESS combines Web-based parental controls and anti-virus, firewall and spyware protection, which ISPs in turn can offer to their subscribers.

IPMonitor 5.5, the latest version of the networking monitoring solution from Tsarfin Computing Ltd., features improvements to its internal Web server for monitoring results via a Web browser, which are automatically refreshed at specified intervals. IPMonitor supports Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP and Server 2003. Priced at $29.95.

Red Earth Software released Policy Patrol Web 1.0 for Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server. With the content security software, companies can create flexible, user-based content filtering rules to control Web usage according to each user’s needs.

Red Earth Software Policy Patrol Web 1.0
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No more questionable break-time Web surfing with Policy Patrol Web 1.0 around.

StaffCop Software released the latest version of its employee monitoring software. StaffCop 1.9 provides real-time PC monitoring with user monitor screenshots, application use statistics and features to identify e-mail, game, Internet or instant messaging abuse. StaffCop supports Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP and XP 2000 Server.

StaffCop 1.9
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With StaffCop 1.9, IT will know if you're spending most of your time playing Half-Life and chatting on ICQ.

DYS Analytics, Inc. announced the release of Email CONTROL! Desktop Edition for Microsoft Exchange, a tool for troubleshooting Exchange performance issues. The program provides real-time analysis of e-mail transactions and detailed reports. Priced at $4,995 per installation.

Quickly search and manage duplicate files across multiple local and network file systems in a single pass with Duplicate File Detective 1.1 from Key Metric Software. The file management tool can identify duplicate files, even if the file names are different, and output reports that can be exported to HTML, XML and CSV file formats. The program runs on Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP and Server 2003. A single-user license costs $34.95.

Double-down your firewall protection with eRacks/TWINGUARD's dual-firewall system.

eRacks Open Source Systems released its fully redundant, dual-firewall system, eRacks/TWINGUARD, based on OpenBSD. Enclosed in a 1U-rackmount chassis, the firewall server is also installed and configured with CARP, and includes 1GHz processors, two 40GB Maxtor hard drives, two sticks of 512MB DDR memory and can support two 10/100 Fast Ethernet interfaces for each of its two VIA C3 motherboards. Prices start at $1,695.

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