IT Weekly Roundup, April 29

From the business wires this week: hosted solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and SharePoint, a one-touch backup and recovery external hard drive, and a 2.5TB NDAS storage unit.

ServePath, a San Francisco-based Internet service provider, recently started offering a hosted version of Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Workgroup Edition. The new service allows customers, particular small and medium-sized businesses, to affordably use SQL Server for dynamic Web sites, e-commerce and other applications that require a high-performance database.

Elementool released the latest version of its project management solution with Bug Tracking 5.0. The Web-based solution boasts improved performance by its migration to Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET. Subscription costs range from free for a limited use account to $79.99 per month for all features.

Fastora ExBoot EXB-0131
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Back up your computer and files in intervals with Fastora ExBoot EXB-0131.

Fastora’s external, instant backup and recovery hard-drive, the ExBoot EXB-0131, can back up your computer’s files at the press of a button. The USB 2.0 storage device comes in 160GB, 250GB and 400GB capacities. Pricing is $185, $235 and $335 MSRP, respectively.

Susquehanna Technologies (SusQtech) launched SharePoint City, a hosted application that provides online access for organizations of all sizes to Microsoft SharePoint technologies for a low monthly rate of $49.95 per month for 25 users and 50MB of storage space.

Intense Technologies released Intense Internet Security Pro 2005, a software solution that provides real-time protection against a range of online threats, such as viruses, worms, spyware, adware, browser hijackers and sex dialers. Other features include the ability to disable ActiveX and JavaScript and an Internet Explorer reset button to restore your browser in case of browser hijacking. Pricing is $19.95.

Dat Optic nRAID
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nRAID, from Dat Optic, Inc., supports RAID 0, 1, 5 and JBOD.

Dat Optic, Inc. announced the availability of nRAID, a network direct attach storage (NDAS) 2.5TB RAID system. nRAID requires no TCP/IP setting, keeping the unit invisible and safe from external hackers, and offers the ability to connect to two different computer systems (OS independent). The NDAS storage unit features a 64-bit RISC processor, 64-bit memory architecture and 64MB SDRAM cache buffer, and can hold up to five hot-swappable ATA-133 hard disks.

iSendit has increased the number of fax broadcasts users can send out as well as offering the ability to personalize and track them.

The latest release of GigaTrust Client Software offers expanded Microsoft Windows RMS SP1 protection for WordPerfect, DICOM, Corel, Visio and media files, which can then be only opened by authorized recipients. The new RMS enhancements also enables customers to install GigaTrust on networks that are not directly connected to the Internet.

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