IT Weekly Roundup, April 15

From the business wires this week: a recovery solution to roll back systems to pre-SP2, e-mail server software and more.

The end of the ability to postpone automatic update of Windows XP computers to SP2 in organizations may cause headaches for some admins having to deal with compatibility issues. To address this issue, Winternals Software has released Recovery Manager 2.0.

The centralized enterprise recovery solution for Windows servers, workstations and mobile PCs enables admins to roll back remote computers, individually or in large groups, to a known good state, allowing them to precisely diagnose trouble spots in installing SP2. New features make it possible to recover program files, user registry settings and other user data in addition to operating system files; link Active Directory organizational unit to a Recovery Point schedule; and protection for any system accessible via TCP/IP.

Astav Inc. released three solutions for defending e-mail and Web sites against phishing and pharming: NOBOTS, OFFLIST and NOPHISH.

SmartDefender Managed Security Services from Vigilar, Inc. now incorporates a intrusion prevention system (IPS) for both wired and wireless systems. The security solution supports various IPS platforms, including Check Point InterSpect, Cisco IPS products, Juniper Networks products and TippingPoint UnityOne.

The latest version of Alt-N Technologies’ Windows-based e-mail server software, MDaemon 8.0, features: improved antivirus protection with real-time scanning during SMTP sessions; defense against e-mail address spoofing with its DomainKeys security system; and enhanced support for Alt-N’s Outlook Connector 2.0, which integrates Microsoft Outlook with MDaemon’s groupware capabilities.

MDaemon 8.0
[Click on image for larger view.]
Get tight control of your mail filters to block spam and unwanted love letters from stalkers with MDaemon 8.0.

Highwall Technologies released a mobile and personal product suite for monitoring and securing wireless networked systems. Highwall Mobile software allows network admins to detect and locate wireless devices, and Highwall Personal extends wireless security to laptops connected on remote wireless LANs.

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