Weekly IT Roundup, July 9

New, updated software and hardware announcements of interest to MCPs, from the business wires.

From the business wires this week: New approaches to battling spam mail, updates to several security tools, and a portal for security white papers.

ScriptLogic Corp. now provides its scriptable administration services in a Server Management Pack. It includes an updated Service Explorer, which has enhanced performance through a new, multi-threading engine; advanced selection of service and task search criteria including name, startup type, and state; and service ACL security management and manipulation, among other features.

Certicom Corp.'s movianVPN 4.0 provides support for the Network Address Translation Traversal protocol for mobile device platforms. Also included is support for Cisco IOS VPN routers and CoSine IPSX gateway, among a dozen other gateways.

FaxBack Inc.'s NET SatisFAXtion is now integrated with Hewlett-Packard's Digital Senders, which means it provides real-time delivery notifications for scan/fax network environments, as well as the capability to allow users to scan paper documents to be sent, managed, stored or routed via NET SatisFAXtion.

FaxBack NET SatisFAXtion
FaxBack NET SatisFAXtion

Standard Security Solutions has centralized the bulk of security white papers it finds on the Internet into a new service that's available at The services is free to access and requires no registration.

Tech Assist released Hide-A-File and KeyPer, a dual, software/hardware authentication system. Hide-A-File allows for the creation of protected partitions for hiding files with sensitive data, accessible only via a CryptoKey inserted into the computer's USB port. KeyPer can be used to store the data on a CryptoKey for portability.

PC-ENCRYPT has updated two of its security offerings: PC-ENCRYPT 9.1, for encrypting files/folders on desktops and laptops, has faster erase/delete options and improved progress indicators and support for encryption of files in the gigabytes; A-LOCK 7.21, for e-mail message encryption, now has one-click encryption capabilities.

Lok Technology's AIRlok v.2, a network infrastructure appliance, boasts increased processing speeds, administrative capabilities and integration with any existing authentication or database system. offers call support and help desk centers with 128-bit encrypted chat and instant messaging services. It's $15/month to $350/annually. Chat Window Chat Window

Hexamail Ltd., released Hexamail Guard, an antispam solution that uses what the company calls advanced "Neural sender matching," which uses a neural network approach to identify and block suspicious sender e-mail addresses with a low incidence of false positives., has integrated its proprietary e-mail profiling with its managed mail gateways that scan, categorize and filter e-mails before delivery. It incorporates its technology with virus engines from BitDefender and Trend Micro. Managed e-mail account rates range from $29.95/year for personal to $1.75/month for corporate and enterprise.

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